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WOLR: We help you bring your ideas to life !

There are two things wrong with almost all writing. One is its style. The other is its content.”

Fred Rodell

Are you aspiring to be an author? Do you want to articulate your experiences and share it with the world? Do you have an academician attitude of wanting the academic world to know your potential? If the answer to any of the above questions is in affirmative, WOLR is your calling!

We offer premium services to authors/writers. From converting your legal thesis into books to updating and proof-reading your ideas and customizing them into publication…. From Research Proposal to overview to Bibliography to Literature review!!

What we offer? 

We offer holistic and all-round services to writers and authors. We provide legal content writing, editing and analysis, draft management services and many more.

Our agenda starts with setting out objectivity for our clients. We strongly believe in getting a clear direction in order to focus ours and our client’s energies in the same direction. During the initial meetings, we understand our client’s requirements and if need be, we assist them in giving a direction to their writings and do value additions to their writings. We become their personal assistant’s cum partners for their writing needs. We edit, comment, analyze and revise our client’s writings.

Your idea, we express it!

We provide all-inclusive support to our clients and assess whether their writings are going to meet the requirements of their target audience. We also provide critical analysis services for our client’s writings and endeavor to make their writings more engaging to their audience.

We ease our client’s pressure of contributing novelty to the already existing vast material in the world’s academia and even outside academia.

We believe in ‘fresh brain philosophy’, whereby our team’s fresh set of brains help broaden our client’s perspective. Our team provides fresh and novel viewpoints on the subject at hand. Genuinely speaking, new minds can surely give different outlooks to any idea.

How can we be of any help? 

We offer content analysis services in which we probe our clients’ writings to a detailed evaluation and scrutiny and ensure quality, plagiarism free and novel content. Furthermore, we offer editorial services and cover designing services which augment the attractiveness and outlook of your writing(s) / book(s).

For starters, we carry out doctrinal/non-doctrinal research for our clients and provide them with statistical and other data for substantiating their claims. Henceforth, we become your partners in your writing endeavors and we fulfill all your legal/non-legal research requirements.

In addition to the aforesaid, we offer formatting services to aspiring authors whereby they can simply come up with newly articulated ideas and we help in taking them further. We carefully go through the nature of language, its amicability with the audience and lay down sets of alternative content formations for our clients to choose from.  It also includes a scrutiny of whether the flow of writing is in sync.

Our Ultimate Aim: Keep on working till you are satisfied with the end result:

We work with two objectives. 1. Providing quality work and 2. Our client’s absolute satisfaction. We constantly monitor the work delivered by our team and hence we endeavor in delivering nothing but the best content to our clients. Feedback is important for us and hence we have a formal structure for feedback-related activity from our clients. We love to hear what our clients have to say about our services!

Editing services – Our forte: 

Other than the aforesaid services, we offer different types of ideas on editorial services, the most popular amongst them are:

Simple editing, which includes a revision and polishing of our clients’ writings. It further includes carrying out detailed grammatical checking, checking for sentence fragmentation issues and in general, making your writings suitable for your audiences.

  1. The specialized editing includes add-on features like plot development, content enhancement, improvisation of language of writings and plus all other features of simple editing. We also improvise your casual writings and make it more suitable and toward academic / non – academic publications.

We bind ourselves to a strict timeline. We ensure to complete our work within a given time frame. The costs involved may vary depending upon the nature of work, amount of labor to be put in by WOLR team, length of writing and urgency of work.

We ensure to listen to our clients with open minds. Hence, we provide them with honest advice with regard to their writings, which we say is a rarity in today’s world. We strongly believe in constructive criticism and advising, which we offer to our clients. We stand by and are dedicated to improving our author’s manuscript. We provide ideas to our clients with unlimited number of drafts and we do not stop till they are completely satisfied with the draft and our output. Consider us your well-wishers and we hope for nothing but the best for you.

Don’t keep ideas in your head: Let the world know your unique perception

Generally speaking about law schools and legal authors, it so happens that you have a unique perspective and a fresh thought towards a legal issue but you somehow are not able to find time to undertake that much needed research / study. We help you with all your research related activities and undertake different types of researches best suited to your writing needs.

Converting your old thesis into a Book:

As a law faculty / teacher / professor, in order to get advancements in your career, you need to have certain publications under your belt. For example, recently we had a client who had done his thesis on surrogacy in 2013. Now in 2019, he wanted to publish it in form of a book. But after the Bill on surrogacy, half of his thesis became irrelevant. Our team ideas removed the irrelevant part and we replaced it with latest studies on surrogacy and post-bill analysis within the country and other studies on surrogacy of different nations.(We have taken the permission of the client to advertise this)

Your Confidentiality is fully guaranteed:

Moreover, we believe in strict client confidentiality. We ensure complete privacy and secrecy about our projects on hand. The work shall remain yours; all we shall do is help you polish, refine, and make it better suited for your target audience.

-Yash Shah