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  1. University Curriculum/Course Designing

The Bar Council of India prescribes a certain set of rules that law universities have to comply with and as per these prescribed rules the curriculum of each university needs to be submitted to the Bar Council. 

The first thing a university must be aware of is that curriculum designing is not the same as teaching. Our experience with various universities has made our team thoroughly familiar with the process of curriculum designing. Though a faculty may have experience in teaching, it is undeniable that designing a curriculum is a complex task because of the various factors one needs to be aware of, from time to time. We, at WOLR, have experts who are well-equipped with the know-how to design a curriculum as per the prescribed requirements that the university will have to meet to be able to get recognition from the government.

Our drafting process is transparent as we believe in keeping you in the loop at every step of the process. Once the first draft is approved by you, viewed from a macro perspective, the curriculum we provide will be in compliance with the requirements of the Bar Council. From a micro perspective, the execution of the same (subjects to be taught per semester) will also be reasonably allotted. 

Strict compliance in designing the curriculum is one of the first steps in gaining recognition from the Bar Council. Once the curriculum designed by us is implemented, your university is a step closer to attaining the rank of your dreams.

  1. Publications by Universities

The body of knowledge formed today is the product of the research of years gone by. 

The research activities of faculty and law students are manifested in the form of published books and papers (in journals). These publications are highly valued because it not only makes them an authority in the field of law but also helps them climb the competitive ladder of academics. This can be attained by you with the help of our team which has experts who are familiar with not only the developments in legal education but in the court / practical field of law as well.

Moreover, one of the primary factors that makes a university stand out is the number and quality of publications that it has to its credit. According to the National Institute Ranking Framework or NIRF (the MHRD approved framework for university rankings in India), there are some of the critical parameters to be kept in mind while ranking universities. 

We at WOLR, abide by the specific parameters of NIRF while providing you with the quality research and content to lead your university to the highest standards required to be a top-ranked university. Your competition is with the top Universities of the country and we help you become one when it comes to rankings. 

The ideas will be yours, hence, the credit will be too. WOLR is only here to help you accelerate the process and get results much faster.

  1. Online Course Curriculum Design

With the advent of technology, the opportunities to teach as well as learn on online platforms have broadened. This has led to the rise in distant learning courses too. To be able to tap into this new market, a teaching institute will always need up-to-date content that they can provide on their online platforms. 

A variety of content that WOLR can draft for universities includes the course curriculum, the course outlines, and reference books.

To be able to successfully draft content of your requirement, it needs a certain level of familiarity with the subjects in question that our experts at WOLR are well versed with. We also specialize in drafting target-based content, in addition to being familiar with a variety of subjects of law. 

  1. Newspaper Articles

The first step to becoming a household name is to appear in the newspapers. Becoming a regular publisher in your regional newspaper can make your university well-known in your locality. Being a part of our services for universities, drafting brief articles on local laws can prove to be one of the effective ways for your institute to establish its presence. And we, at WOLR, already have the infrastructure in place to help you do that. 

Our team consists of lawyers who are thoroughly familiar with the local laws (because of their experience) as well as writers who specialize in legal drafting as well as legal research. With a team like ours, we ensure that the entire process is streamlined. We don’t even seek credit for the publications because we believe that our role is only to aid you in your pursuit through our legal drafting and legal research services.

Paving the Way for Universities to reach the Highest Pedestal

Our experts are here to improve your university’s ranking and lead you to comply with all the requirements to reach the top.

Our Services for Universities:

It is a very tedious job as a University to grow and maintain the escalation on the upside with the quality of its curriculum in the developing era and fields of law. To help you achieve your vision as a University, we cater to the demand of compiling the course syllabus, materials, handbooks, exam papers, and assignments along with preparing brochures, social media posts, websites, etc for any conference or seminar being organized by the University. We also aid in providing assistance to the professors and students with their thesis, research projects and the allied with the help of our expert research and proofreading team. We help you to upskill your teaching staff  or students through our workshops, blog writing competitions and many more activities.

Gain the Competitive Edge over Other Law Universities with Our Help

We help you University climb the competitive ladder. To be able to do this, we keep in mind multiple factors like the number of publications, the number of competitions hosted, the number of guests lectures held, the quality of journal publication made by the university, etc. Our legal research and analysis team helps you with multiple services catered to your requirements.      

How We Help

We help your university get a competitive edge over other law schools in India. To do that, we have an already existing process in place, especially for all our writing services. The following are the steps in our process for the services that will help your university improve its ranking and gain recognition:

  1. Take Down Your Requirements: We understand your requirements and the goal that you hope to achieve with our services.
  2. Draft Plan: We prepare a draft plan for you and fix a deadline within which we intend to submit the work.
  3. First Draft: We present the first draft of our work for you well within the agreed-upon deadline and hear out recommendations made by you for changes.
  4. Revising: Once the first draft is approved by you, we work on our revision stage.
  5. Final Draft: After our writers, legal researchers and editors have prepared their final draft, we deliver your order; all of it well-within the deadline.

Benefits of working with us

With the increase in CLAT aspirants (crossing the 70,000 mark in 2021), a national trend of law universities sprouting up is observed. Because of this, there is a ruthless competition to grab the top-ranking spot. WOLR helps you climb that ladder.

We provide a variety of services that help universities improve their rankings. From designing your university’s curriculum to assisting with the publications, and from conducting online courses to hosting your university’s own moot-court competition, our experts guide you with all.

To help you establish a better ranking compared to other universities, we offer the following special features exclusively for Universities:

  1. Our services take your university a step closer to gaining recognition from the UGC and the Bar Council.
  2. Our services also help you market your university and give it a broader reach.
  • We also help make teaching easier and hence aid you in finishing the syllabus.
  1. We make your life easier at crucial times for your law university (for example, when you are hosting moot court competitions or even a client counselling competition)
  2. We help you with increasing the number of publications to your credit.
  3. We make no copyright or credit claims.
  • We believe in absolute confidentiality.

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