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Helpful Webinars for Law Aspirants and First Year Law Students

A webinar is an online version of a seminar. Law schools frequently used to organise seminars for their students, but now that the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the academic curriculum has gone online. Thus, seminars can no longer be conducted in auditoriums of law schools and that is why law schools and various other legal websites have taken to webinars, which are the same interactive platforms as seminars, without any physical interaction. Webinars can be […]
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Social Learning In Law Schools

“Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.” “Social learning” is more than just a theory, or the use of digital platforms and social networks to bring together communities; rather it is the deliberate listening, engaging, forming relationships, sharing insight, building a network; all practiced in […]
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Network Effect and Its implications under competition law

Over a period of time digital market has evolved to such extent that it has become inseparable part of our lives. The technological development has been so immense that everything has become so handily available to us. Taking advantage of the same, companies have tried to curb the competition through various anti-competitive practices explained below under the dominant position […]
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Artificial Intelligence And The Intellectual Property Law: Indian Scenario

In the developing era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is boosting up and is therefore being used in each and every area of the field. The different innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence have been tremendously affecting our life by just simplifying the tasks we perform. While we talk about the Intellectual property law, it was designed during the industrial revolution and […]
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Advent of Virtual Internships for Law Students

COVID 19 may have given you an extended version of a stay-cation at home, but the task of building your CV still remains. Among several other things, an internship can be a critical juncture in your law school trajectory, when you have to move out of the classroom into the workplace, and it will require you to put the skills, both legal research and analysis, and […]
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How to effectively write cover letters for law students for employments and how to ace it

Let me start with defining what a cover letter actually is and what effect and relevance should it have for a law student? This blog explores why should the budding lawyers care for an amazing cover letter and how it adds value to your career graph. What constitutes a cover letter? A cover letter (CL) is generally a one-page introduction about yourself and […]
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What is the difference between a normal Resume and Legal Resume/CV ?

Some of the differences are given here: Keeping it concise: The contents must be mentioned in a short, crispy and abridged manner. In other words, you need to keep it small in size. Generally, the recruiters view dozens of applications at once and they really don’t appreciate long and lengthy sentences. According to research, every resume gets no […]
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Multidisciplinary Research in Law & Allied Social Sciences

Meaning of Multidisciplinary Research Multidisciplinary research is a form of research based in specialized branches of different disciplines with a much more comprehensive examination of research problem from a wider perspective integrated together in terms of research methods, objectives of study with achieving a common aim of specialized knowledge with the help of relevant findings. Significance & Application of Multidisciplinary Research in Law Legal issues can not […]
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