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Category: Paper Presenters

How to make Effective PowerPoint Presentations for Upcoming Law Conferences

As a law student, it is definitely an achievement on getting your paper selected for a law conference or legal seminar. It surely adds laurels to your CV and also ensures to sharpen your skills of legal research and publications. There ofcourse are additional benefits such as exposure of visits to different universities and networking with law students and law faculties. Additionally adding an […]
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Importance of Speaking Notes for better Presentations in Law Conferences and Lectures

The basics of presentation delivery :  While giving any presentation (legal or non-legal), making a connection with the audience is essential. When such a connection is built, the message/content gets lucidly conveyed to the audience and the desired results are achieved. While presenting any piece of information in law conferences or on any legal lecture, the importance […]
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WOLR: Your Personal Deputy to Paper Presenters

INTRODUCTION: One of the many great things about law schools are the extracurricular activities / opportunities one gets to participate into. We really cant emphasis enough on the Importance of extracurricular activities (EACs) in law school. These EACs act as a catalyst in honing your all round skills and whip you into a formidable lawyer. The most popular EAC in a law school would be paper […]
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