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Category: CLAT

Preparation for CLAT in the Remaining Days

CLAT was supposed to be conducted on the second Sunday of May but because of the Covid-19 pandemic the situation kept on worsening and date kept shifting and the current tentative date for CLAT is 22nd of August. Over the years the aspirants for CLAT have only increased and that has made the competition tougher than what it used to be. With less […]
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CLAT Preparation During Covid-19 Pandemic

CLAT, since its inception, has been held on the second Sunday of the May. This year, CLAT was supposed to be conducted on 10th May, which was a few days before you are even reading this. However, the global pandemic Covid-19 has caused a delay in the test and the tentative date for CLAT 2020 now is 1st July. The students preparing for CLAT are […]
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Is it worth taking a drop year for CLAT?

A question that a lot of students are found asking after attempting CLAT once and not getting the result they desired: Should I consider taking a drop year and prepare for CLAT again next year? Like every other decision that you have ever made, there can be two probable outcomes of your decision. One outcome is your decision might go just […]
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Importance of Legal Reasoning in CLAT

Common Law Admission Test, commonly known as (CLAT), is one of the most important exams for admission into the premier law schools of India and the only exam to secure admission in the prestigious National Law Universities (NLUs) for 5-year integrated LLB course post Higher Secondary Class (12th). The Test consists of 5 sections, namely: English, Logical […]
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