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Law school students in India have a variety of concerns when it comes to their careers. Some of the conventional options include joining a law firm (corporate), going ahead with litigation, preparing for the judiciary, or UPSC (or any other competitive examination), studying further (LL.M.), etc. after his/her graduation. Few students also enrol in the developing combination of courses such as B.Sc. LL.B. to make a career in forensic science/law or even an MBA after LL.B. So to ensure that you get a better understanding and analysis of what you can opt for, contact our experts who have specialization and appreciation of the subject.   

Our experts and mentors at the World of Legal Research are valued to resolve such issues and provide you with consultancy services that can assist you in determining the path that will lead you to carve your niche. Our team includes a wide range of specialists who have graduated from well-reputed law schools from India and abroad (including Australia, the U.S.A., and London) and at the same time have learnt to overcome their career dilemmas with their own effort which has helped the experts in better understanding of your dilemmas.     

The ways in which we help you include but are not limited to understanding your concern, carving out a map to bifurcate the pros and cons and thereby leading you to the answer that you were willing to know while you join us. We also provide extensive guidance on how to apply for various legal positions, drafting and review of your CV/Resume/Statement of Purpose/Essay, proposal, cover letters, applications for internships, etc.

Letter of Recommendation (LoR)

A letter of recommendation from your professors could go a long way in your pursuit to study abroad. But, it needs to be drafted carefully and only specific details about your achievements that are relevant to the professor in question recommending you need to be articulated. We, at WOLR, keep in mind the needs of the university that you are applying to and help you draft your LOR accordingly.

Statement of Purpose (SoP)

A statement of purpose helps you sell yourself to the university that you intend to apply to. An SoP conveys a variety of relevant factors that include a description of who you are as a person, your areas of interest, your plans for the future and what you hope to achieve from your education from the university you are applying to, amongst other things that are difficult for many to frame. We, at WOLR, have an experienced team of writers and graduates from international universities who aid you with drafting a strong SoP.

Sample Writing

Your sample writing is meant to help gauge how productive you will be and how effectively you could contribute to the publication goals of the university or firm or organization you are applying to. With the publish-or-perish culture taking over, being able to write effectively as a skill has taken the university or firm or organization across the globe by storm. We, at WOLR, help you draft sample writing pieces that are well-structured, supported by relevant authorities, with accurate citation styles and grammatically flawless.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV helps catch the eye of the recruiters in your absence. To make you stand apart from others, our world class expertise guides you to create an impressionable CV through reviewing the content and bringing quintessential elements of CV making i.e., highlighting your unique set of skills, achievements and other academic background.


Your résumé markets your intellectual self in the professional sphere. Your résumé is a reflection of your work experience and practical learnings; because of that, we focus on formulating best marketable skills required for any potential employment. We help you present your knowledge and experience, and market yourself in a way that helps you receive your interview call. In addition to just expert feedback, we also provide guidance about how you could change your résumé for individual interviews and job applications.

Research proposal

Research proposals are the face of your academic research ambition. With our competent research experts, we help you trim your research proposal to elucidate your ideas to the research centres, funding agencies and other educational institutions which would enable a broad research perspective for your career endeavours.

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