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We Make Your Growth Escalate

We assist you in upscaling your legal writing and research to help you rise up the ladder.

Build a Reputation in the Legal Fraternity with Your Teaching

It is important for a faculty of law to constantly develop and update themselves with the happenings of the world. At the same time, faculties are burdened with the monumental task of teaching the future lawyers. Our legal research and analysis team helps you manage various other difficult tasks that include publication of books, legal research projects, government reports, etc. that are needed by you to advance in your career.

How we Help:

We understand the need for a law professor, assistant professor, teaching associate, or a faculty to have publications to their credit. Keeping that and your teaching requirements in mind, we help in you in the following way:

  1. We help you gain publicity as well as reputation by helping you publish essays, articles, papers, blogs, etc.
  2. We help you make teaching easier by preparing up-to-date lecture notes, reflection notes, presentations, etc.
  3. We help you with the intellectually rigorous parts of your events like problem-drafting for moot court competitions, client counselling competitions, conferences, etc. by formulating problems, creating reading material, and drafting questions.
  4. We help you deal with the government requirements imposed upon you by drafting reports, research papers, summaries, etc.
  5. We help you make progress in your teaching career by aiding you with case studies, research reports, dissertations, etc.

Benefits of Working With Us

The reputation of a professor or an assistant professor is built when they keep various things in mind when teaching or when getting themselves published. Various concerns of faculties include the following:

  • Are the case laws taught in class or cited in your publication relevant and up to date?
  • How can you make your teaching material better?
  • How to get published with the least of efforts?
  • How to make it big in the world of law and legal pedagogy?
  • How to update an old thesis and get it published?

We, at WOLR, have answers to all these questions and more for you.

Our Special Features

The following are our special features:

  • Experienced Legal Experts and Editors:
    • Everything that we deliver is made with the combined efforts of legal experts, experienced editors and graduates from top national and international universities.
  • No Copyright Claims
    • We make no copyright claims or any claims of credit over any work we deliver.
  • Confidentiality
    • We believe in absolute confidentiality when it comes to whom we work with and what we deliver.
  • Multiple amendments and editing
    • We help you with multiple amendments and editing even after we deliver.
  • Deadlines
    • We deliver within agreed-upon deadlines.
  • Price Packages
      • You get premium services for an effective assignment at the best market price.

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Our Services:

  • The following services provided by us will help bring out the best version of your ideas:
  1. Proofreading/Editing and Reviwing your Publication: The following services provided by us will help you expand your reach to the legal fraternity at local, national as well as the global level:
    1. Proofreading Legal Essays: Legal essays fall somewhere between research papers and blogs, and we help you determine the depth of legal research and analysis needed in your legal writing

      Although shorter than research papers and theses, in terms of their length, legal essays must meet a certain standard to leave an impression on the readers. We keep various factors of writing in mind before we begin working. Some of these include the target audience, the length required/prescribed, the format, the citation style and most importantly, the sources referred to.

    2. Journal Articles: The Articles published in journals are sought to be of high quality when you are willing to build a very high reputation in the legal academia. To help you with your goal to achieve the same, the expert team of legal research and analysis at WOLR provides you with their constant support and assistance.

Any professor, assistant/associate should focus on contributing to the legal field to grow in the legal academia. The importance of the number of publications of an academician cannot be overstated. Various institutions have differing requirements in terms of the number of publications, especially with regards to their Ph.D. Programs.

Moreover, the journal articles that you will be publishing as a professional will be read by other contributories at the same level as you and your written work will create an impression on them. Hence, it is important that in addition to just complying with the basic requirements of the journal you publish in, you also strengthen your arguments with authoritative sources. We at WOLR also aid you in ensuring that the sources cited in your paper are not only authoritative but also in consonance with the latest developments.

    1. Editing Blogs/ Magazine-writing/articles: Similar to legal essays, they are slightly more informal in nature but require the same level of legal research and analysis; we help you achieve that balance in your legal writing

      A variety of magazines cater to various types of readers. Because of this, a publication in a magazine might sometimes mean that you get noticed and remembered by readers as a crafty and, yet, reliable author when it comes to legal writing. An article in a magazine often leaves a reader curious about who the writer is. As a professional, you will always want to leave a mark on your audience. WOLR helps you do that by carefully assessing your target audience, the structure of your work, the tone of your written language and the authenticity of your sources.

    2. Website Content: We help you build a platform where you can publish your ideas and disseminate them

      To successfully disseminate his/her ideas, a legal scholar must have a website with content that grabs a reader’s attention and holds it. A recent study done by Google showed that users often form a first impression about websites within a matter of half a second. Moreover, a judgement regarding the content of a website is formed within the first fifteen seconds of navigating through the content. We, at WOLR, figure out what kind of content would hook your readers and make them want to explore the depths of your website.
    1. Classroom Content: The following services will help you leave an impression on the students you teach and help with their development as future lawyers and academicians:

    1. Class Lectures: Teaching students is a difficult task and we help you with preparing by reducing your burden of legal research.

      The mark of a great teacher is in their understanding of the students they are teaching to. We ensure that the lectures you deliver are oriented towards a better explanation of concepts to students. Since we are familiar with life in law school, we can help you prepare in a manner that makes learning from you an interesting experience for the students.

    2. Lecture slides /Speech: Sometimes, the words of faculties stay with students for the rest of their lives and we help you deliver impactful lessons

      It is often difficult to capture the attention of the students you are teaching or to stimulate them intellectually. For example, sometimes better examples or analogies are needed to explain concepts to a certain target audience. We help you draft a speech that makes your exposition easier to follow and more interesting, by keeping these factors in mind. We also create PowerPoint presentations with the concise details of your lecture and at the same time ensure that they are visually pleasing.

    3. Reflection Notes: Once you are done teaching, we help you ensure that the lessons stay with the students by helping them connect with the topics

      Because of our passion for law, we work hard to draft compelling legal issues that would make one personally connect to them. We understand the importance of practically thinking about legal and social issues. Hence, in our pursuit of furthering the understanding of law, we ensure that the reflection notes created for you would leave your target audience pondering over your statements.

    4. Presentation (PowerPoint/Prezi): We help you maintain a balance between necessary information and length of a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation

      You need to be selective about what you are going to write in your presentation and what is it that you are going to omit. Presentations need to be short, concise and at the same time accurate. Amongst the various other things that go into creating a PowerPoint presentation/Prezi, some include the aesthetics of the combination of various backgrounds, the fonts used, and the length of the work. Often, it needs to be summarised or compressed.

      WOLR looks into these and more issues while working on making your presentations so that you, as an intellectual and academic, leave a mark on your audience.

  1. Academic Requirements: The following services will help you make progress in your career as an academician (from being an Assistant Professor to a becoming Ph.D., for example):
    1. Abstract and Executive Summary: A brief description of your work can either hook the readers’ attention or make them develop a bias against your work; we help you do the former

      An abstract, if drafted well, can get a reader curious and make them want to go through the entire piece; if not, then it can make a reader want to dismiss the written piece as an insincere attempt at legal writing. At WOLR, we believe in creating abstracts of your research work or edit them that not only convey your ideas concisely but also engage the readers.

      An executive summary on the other hand is a summary of a longer piece in its entirety; its purpose is to tell the reader everything they need to know about the paper without his/her having to go through all of it. While drafting an executive summary, it is absolutely necessary to first identify the most important points in your legal assignment and then summarise them in a manner that enough information is given to the readers. Moreover, a reader must also be able to locate the needed information in your draft when they refer to the executive summary. We ensure that all these boxes of requirements are ticked.

    2. Case Study: Our legal research and analysis team helps you make the most out of the subject being assessed through the lenses of law.

Case studies are detailed analyses of certain situations, cases, incidents, etc. that have significance in a particular field of scholarship. A case study always needs an objective approach to the chosen topic. We, at WOLR, ensure that an analysis is done by people with various points of views to ensure objectivity in your legal research. Our work is also well-researched and backed by latest developments in the field

    1. Bibliography: In addition to just listing the right list of books, we also ensure that the format to be followed is strictly adhered to. To be able to become a prominent legal academician, you will be required to make an extensive and noteworthy  bibliography (list) of books in your work.

      When listing down the books you have referred to for your paper/presentation, it often gets difficult to figure out which abbreviations to use and which ones to avoid. Our team at WOLR manages that for you and helps you ensure that minor mistakes are avoided.

    2. Presentation (PowerPoint/Prezis): We help you maintain a balance between necessary information and length of a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation

      You need to be selective about what you are going to write in your presentation and what is it that you are going to omit. Presentations need to be short, concise and at the same time accurate. Amongst the various other things that go into creating a PowerPoint presentation/Prezi, some include the aesthetics of the combination of various backgrounds, the fonts used, and the length of the work. Often, it needs to be summarised or compressed.

      WOLR looks into these and more issues while working on making your presentations so that you, as an intellectual and academic, leave a mark on your audience.

    3. Thesis: The importance of a thesis submitted by a faculty can never be stated, since they are often referred to even while making policy-level decisions. For a legal academician, originality and plagiarism free research work in law is of utmost importance for them to become a prominent name in their area of research. To be able to convey ideas, scholars often prefer to author lengthy essays or dissertations that involve rigorous personal legal research on their part; this is how a thesis is made.

At WOLR, we ensure that various benchmarks of writing are attained. For example, we make sure that your research is backed by authoritative content, the structure of your work is logical, the citation styles are followed up to the mark, etc.

    1. Literature Review:

Writing a review of the books referred to is a menial task and we save your time and effort by gauging the book on various relevant parameters.

Literature reviews need a brief analysis of what you as the author/presenter think of the books you have referred to. The crux of the ideas in the books you have referred to and how they were useful to you in your legal research need to be mentioned.

At WOLR, we know exactly how to provide you with the guidance on writing a literature review of the book and narrow down the review’s length based on the requirements.

    1. Reviwing and Editing your Dissertation: Because of your position, a dissertation has to have arguments that are airtight; our team of legal experts and researchers put your work through rigorous tests before submitting it to you

      A dissertation by a professional has lesser room for mistakes since the stakes for them are higher. Because of this, we take a multi-faceted analysis method before submitting a final draft of a legal assignment of this stature. This includes rigorous standards for measuring the strength of your arguments, the authenticity of your sources, the structure of your dissertation, compliance with the citation styles prescribed, grammar and spell-check, etc. and other parameters that go into analysing legal writing. Whether you are currently writing a dissertation (or trying to) for a master’s degree or a doctoral course, we can help.

  1. Event-based Requirements: The following are services that are meant to free your time as a faculty by taking away some of the burden of events that the University organises and asks you to manage:
    1. Conference/seminar/workshop brochure: Brochures made by us convey information and ensure that what we make is aesthetically pleasing as well

      An important thing that you will have to keep in mind while appearing as a guest lecturer/visiting faculty is that your audience remembers you as well as the ideas you communicate with them. Apart from your ideas, what would remain with them are the brochures distributed by you. We, at WOLR, create brochures, keeping in mind the right kind of details in terms of content, while at the same time maintaining the visually appealing characteristics that go into its design.

    2. Handouts/pamphlets: Inform as well as leave an impression on your audience effectively

      Handouts and pamphlets not only serve to prepare your audience for your lecture/presentation but also help them remember who you are and how to reach you later on. To accomplish this, WOLR ensures that the information advertised is not only sensible but also aesthetically pleasing for the receivers of the pamphlets.

    3. Formulation of Moot Problems: Drafting moot problems require a balance between conflicting ends; we help you achieve that

      A moot court simulates a court hearing wherein the participants analyze the problem, identify the relevant law, draft pleadings, and present oral argument. One of the most difficult tasks in the mooting scenario is drafting a moot problem. First, a sequence of facts needs to be thought of. Then, the element of law needs to be clearly delineated in it. And, finally, the moot problem needs to be balanced enough for both sides to present their arguments. And, to be able to do this, a lot of creativity and knowledge of the field of law in question is required. At WOLR, we cater to both these needs and more.

    4. Conference Report: Effectively convey to the world about the conferences hosted at your University and lay out what was discussed with reports made by us.

      Conference reports involve a description of the conference in question as well as an explanation of what happened on each day. A right kind of order to the details is also required. For example, they may be arranged in a chronological order or even in the order of their importance. WOLR can help you decide which one to use in your law conference, in addition to other details that go into drafting a sincere report

  1. Government Requirements: The following service(s) will help you manage with the requirements that the government has from Universities:
    1. Government Reports: We help you get rid of extra work imposed on the University by the Government

      The reports published by the government serve the purpose of conveying information to the general public about the development programs, analyses, policy implementation, etc. that the government has undertaken in various fields and the progress that is made with regards to the same. But, many reports of government bodies are under harsh criticism for having been drafted poorly. The various grounds for the criticism include lack of structure, poor grammar, incomplete data, poor aesthetics, etc.

      We, at WOLR, draft a variety of reports that are concise and that accurately convey the data gathered by various agencies. Whether they are reports related to development of sports training programs, Law Commission Reports, or reports related to other development activities undertaken by the government, we employ rigorous standards of writing to draft them. The process begins by gathering the raw data as provided by the government and involves creating, out of that, a well-structured, grammatical error-free, comprehensible document that is easy for the common masses to read and understand.

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