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World of Legal Research can help you make professionally unique and substantially appealing presentations for your conferences

We Help You Stand out When You’re Presenting a Paper at a Law Conference / Seminar/ Symposium

Our experts guide you in preparing a presentation that will build the foundation stones of your career. We, at WOLR, are a team of experts who assist and guide you in preparing the presentation while focusing on legal writing, legal research and specifically the aesthetics of presentation.

How We Help

With a strong belief in being organised with our work, we already have a process in place that smoothens our interaction. The following are the various stages of our process:

  1. First, we assist you in narrowing down on your topic based on your purpose and shortlist upcoming conferences.
  2. Once the experts receive your rough draft they proofread and review it and send you back for changes.
  3. Once they receive the final draft, we help you prepare a first PPT/Prezis of your presentation and send it to the editors’ and designers’ team.
  4. The editors and designers decide on the word limit and the appropriate aesthetics for your presentation.
  5. After that, if required, we also help you with a mock presentation so that you can anticipate problems and conquer them while you are delivering it.

Benefits of Working with Us:

There are a variety of benefits of working with us. They include:

  1. Our experts specialise in understanding the competitive landscape of the legal academia of India. We help you with the theme and guidelines of the abstract/seminar paper/presentation that you are working on.
  2. Our team includes  legal experts, experienced editors and graduates from top national and international universities, which makes for the perfect combination for all types of legal research and drafting work that you might have.
  3. Apart from just our legal research and writing team, we also have a separate team that handles the graphics and aesthetics. This is extremely helpful in making presentations since they aren’t only about the written material but also about how your information is presented (i.e., whether it’s aesthetically pleasing or not).
  4. We help you answer questions like
    1. Are the authorities cited in the presentation relevant?
    2. Has the formatting requirement been met with?
    3. Does my presentation do justice to my topic?
    4. Have I chosen the appropriate aesthetics?

Our Special Features

The following are our special features:

  • Experienced Legal Experts and Editors:
    • Everything that we deliver is made with the combined efforts of legal experts, experienced editors and graduates from top national and international universities.
  • Confidentiality
    • We believe in absolute confidentiality when it comes to whom we work with and what we deliver.
  • Multiple amendments and editing
    • We help you with multiple amendments and editing even after we deliver.
  • Deadlines
    • We deliver within agreed-upon deadlines.
  • Price Packages
    • You get premium services for an effective assignment at the best market price.

Contact us to know more about the offers!

Our Services for Presenters in the Legal Fraternity:

The following are the services we provide to completely take off the burden of everything that goes into making a flawless presentation on a topic on law:

  1. Professional Legal Research and Analysis
    1. Conference Paper

      A conference paper presentation involves presenting your ideas on a certain topic to other members of the legal fraternity. When it comes to making a conference paper presentation to the legal community at various levels, it is important to maintain certain standards with your legal research. Various aspects of a conference paper like authority of sources referred to and cited, structure, language used, citation style, etc. need to be carefully considered in the drafting stage itself.

      WOLR ensures that all these checks are made in addition to helping you narrow down on your ideas or make broad but well-researched statements, depending on your purpose.

    2. Seminar Paper

      Seminar papers are typically a requirement in a variety of law schools. The purpose of a seminar paper is to present a specific idea in great detail to the respective faculties. Originality and plagiarism free legal work is absolutely essential when it comes to seminar papers. References may be made to a variety of authentic sources but at the same time, the final outcome (in the form of suggestions/recommendations) and conclusion must be one’s own.

      WOLR helps make sure that your seminar paper is backed by the relevant authentic sources and at the same time, your original ideas are not overshadowed by the same.

    3. Symposium Paper

      Although symposiums may be on a smaller scale than conferences, presenting paper in symposiums is equally important in that they bring together legal minds for the purpose of holding a discussion. Moreover, the manuscripts that are sent by you go through a rigorous form of review through the editorial boards of the host institutions.

    4. Proofreading

      One of the final stages of drafting, proofreading is often underestimated by many and is passed off as a simple editing stage. We at WOLR realise that that is not true. We divide the process of legal proofreading into various stages that include looking for specific errors like spell-check, sentence lengths, grammar check, structuring, etc. The final touch that we give to your paper keeps it a cut above the rest.

      At WOLR, our legal research experts draw from multiple sources to back your argument up. We ensure that the analysis includes classic as well as modern authorities on law, and frame your paper accordingly. The final output is, hence, a set of arguments that are airtight and logical – the exact solution that you as well as the world needs.

    5. Customisation for Publication
      We understand that factors like sources referred to, citation styles, structure of the work, length, etc. vary with different forms of publications. The same factors cannot apply to the variety of legal writing that goes into a seminar paper and the contents of an academic book, or even a book meant for experts in their respective fields. Finally, when your published work needs a presentation to go with it, a whole new ball game is needed. Various factors like the length of the presentation, how to pitch your idea, specific words/phrases to be used in the PPT, aesthetics of the presentation, etc. with regards to your publication need to be thoroughly thought of.
    6. Referencing

      When you present your paper, your audience will also be keeping an eye on the sources you have referred to, in addition to just your ideas and legal research. Hence, it is important to be familiar with what qualifies as an authoritative source and what does not. Moreover, listing down those sources can often prove to be a tedious task because of the various citation styles that are involved. We at WOLR are familiar with the minute details that need to be taken care of, whether your work involves drafting a conference paper, a speech, a thesis or even a book.

    7. Bibliography

      When listing down the books you have referred to for your presentation, it often gets difficult to figure out which abbreviations to use and which ones to avoid. WOLR manages that for you and ensures that you do not lose the brownie points that come along with following the formatting styles (of even online bibliography) up to the mark.

  1. Prep Material – The following services help you with thorough preparation for your presentation:
    1. Presentation (PowerPoint/Prezis):

      A PowerPoint presentation serves as a visual representation of your ideas in a legal writing piece, conference paper presentation, or when you are presenting paper in a symposium. Often, it also means condensing your ideas into short phrases or even specific words. The right choice with regards to the same makes for all the difference between an average and a great presentation.

      Presentations need to be short, concise and at the same time accurate. Amongst the various other considerations that go into creating a PowerPoint Presentation, some include the aesthetics of the combination of various backgrounds, the fonts used, and the length of the work. Often, it needs to be summarized or compressed.

    2. Speaking Notes

      Avoid breaking down on the dais with the help of concise speaking notes prepared by us for you to deliver. A quick look during a conference/seminar/presentation at the right key words is indispensable so as to have a smooth flow in the verbal delivery of your ideas. Moreover, it is also absolutely boring for the audience when someone just reads out what is written in a PowerPoint Presentation (many law school students might testify to that!).

      A little bit of spontaneity makes your lecture more interesting. And, speaking notes prepared together with us help you bring in just that.

    3. Mock Presentations
      In addition to just speaking notes, we also help you prepare for the lecture in the form of a mock presentation. Once you have prepared yourself for your presentation (on your own or by using our speaking notes), we help you make a practice run and put anticipated questions that your students might have. We work on various aspects which, apart from the main delivery, include body language, tone, the speed at which to speak, etc. Moreover, keeping the times in mind, we also provide this service effectively over Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp call, etc.
  2. The Audience Magnet – The following services provided by us help you gain a broader reach and a wider audience. Let the world know of the your work with the following:
    1. Handouts/Pamphlets

      Handouts and pamphlets are printed and often distributed to accompany a lecture that you might intend to deliver. They serve the purpose of conveying information and at the same time telling the audience something about yourself. In addition to just advertising your event, the pamphlets may also often serve as a tool for your audience to gauge what kind of research papers your platform publishes/analyses.

      To accomplish this, WOLR ensures that your information is well-researched and at the same time, your audience remembers who the provider of the information was.

    2. Conference Report

      Conference reports involve a description of the conference in question as well as an explanation of what happened on each day. A right kind of order to the details is also required. For example, they may be arranged in a chronological order or even in the order of their importance. WOLR can help you decide which one to use in your law conference, in addition to other details that go into drafting a sincere report.

    3. Blogs

      Blogs often are expository in nature, i.e. they provide information to people by simplifying the topic being discussed or written about. Moreover, the tone of a blog is also informal. We keep various factors in mind before helping you publish your legal content. Some of them include the target audience you have in mind, the length, the language used, the tone, and, finally, the relevance of your work and how updated it is.

      When it comes to presenting the ideas you have had in a blog on a public forum, certain changes might also be needed. For example, a tinge of formal language might be a requirement for your work to be taken seriously. WOLR helps you figure out how to do that in addition to just using blogs to gain a broader reach.

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