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Category: Case Study

Helpful Webinars for Law Aspirants and First Year Law Students

A webinar is an online version of a seminar. Law schools frequently used to organise seminars for their students, but now that the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the academic curriculum has gone online. Thus, seminars can no longer be conducted in auditoriums of law schools and that is why law schools and various other legal websites have taken to webinars, which are the same interactive platforms as seminars, without any physical interaction. Webinars can be […]
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Social Learning In Law Schools

“Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.” “Social learning” is more than just a theory, or the use of digital platforms and social networks to bring together communities; rather it is the deliberate listening, engaging, forming relationships, sharing insight, building a network; all practiced in […]
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Most Commonly Used Citation Style Guide from Blue Book, APA & the Indian Citation Guide with Illustrations

Legal citation is cardinal to authentic and credible legal research and legal writing. The main objective of legal citation is to lead the exact portion or narrative of the document which is used by the author or researcher which is the original source . The genesis of the source of information may be traced back and read in the given context in detail […]
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How To Choose A Topic For LLM Dissertation?

One of the most challenging parts of an LLM program is picking a feasible and interesting Legal Research Topic on which intensive research can be conducted and further can be completed in time. The law dissertation is a significant achievement of an individual and helps propel the director of one’s career. One should keep in mind the aspect of legal […]
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Benefits of Experiential and Problem Solving Based Pedagogy in Legal Teaching

Unlike most other professional courses, the legal training imparted in colleges is mostly restricted to classroom teaching only. Almost all of the subjects one is introduced to in one’s law school tenure, majority of the subjects are taught by the Law Faculties with the help of the conventional textbook reading and learning style, which is alittle discouraging and makes the highly practical profession of law look extremely […]
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Private Law Schools v/s National Law Universities

Each year, for almost 2900 seats in all the National Law Universities’ undergraduate program combined, nearly 50,000 students appear for CLAT. These statistics evidently imply that the selection percentage is below 6%, thereby making it really difficult to secure an admission in the prestigious National Law Universities. It’s great for the 6% ofstudents who can secure admission in one, but what about […]
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How can Law Universities provide innovative and creative assignments to law students to improvise their legal skillsets?

Legal assignments/projectsgiven out are an excellent opportunity to go into the depth of a stream of a subject in the field of law. Any law student can learn a great deal about the subject if he takes his assignment seriously and works on them with integrity. It lies on theuniversityto provide creative, unconventional and out-of-the-boxassignmentsto the students to hone their creative skills. […]
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WOLR: We help you bring your ideas to life !

“There are two things wrong with almost all writing. One is its style. The other is its content.” Fred Rodell Are you aspiring to be an author? Do you want to articulate your experiences and share it with the world? Do you have an academician attitude of wanting the academic world to know your potential? If the […]
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