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Get your research or old thesis published

Get your research or old thesis published

Getting published is absolutely important for anyone who wants to make it big in the world of legal research and analysis. Moreover, the publish-or-perish culture is also taking over the world by a storm.

It is very important to highlight that every professor/lecturer must have publications in their name to leave a mark in the legal profession. It is understandable that publications are not an easy path to pursue, however, to ease the same, WOLR believes and aids you through the guidance from its team of experts or professional authors to pursue the said path leading you to overcome your fear and get yourself few good publications creating an impact in the legal field.

We at WOLR help you with improving the content and assist you in getting published in the reputed legal publishers or journals.

How We Help

Our legal experts and writers team up to assist and guide you with the following:

  1. Writing a publication-worthy papers or books from the beginning is difficult and our writers assist you preparing the first draft.
  2. The legal research done by our legal experts ensures that the sources referred to are authoritative thereby laying down a strong foundation for the publications.
  3. Our team includes post-graduates and graduates from top national and international universities who are well-versed with various citation styles; formatting, and are well-managed.
  4. We assist you in re-drafting your old thesis to make it up to date for publication in today’s journals.
  5. We help you work on the effectiveness of your thesis.

Benefits of Working with Us

We, at WOLR, help you get published without any effort on your part. Whether you are a student, a doctoral student, or even a professor your reputation in the legal fraternity is built with your publications. Various benefits of working with us include:

  • We help make your legal research authoritative and your publication relevant and up to date
  • We help you get published with the least of efforts
  • We free your time for other relevant tasks by taking over the entire process that is involved in publishing – legal research, drafting, formatting, citation, editing, and even finding the right outlet for you to publish

Our Special Features

The following are our special features:

  • Experienced Legal Experts and Editors:
    • Everything that we deliver is made with the combined efforts of legal experts, experienced writers, editors and post-graduates and graduates from top national and international universities.
  • Confidentiality
    • We believe in absolute confidentiality when it comes to whom we work with and what we deliver.
  • Multiple amendments and editing
    • We help you with multiple amendments and editing even after we deliver.
  • Deadlines
    • We deliver within agreed-upon deadlines.
  • Price Packages
    • You get premium services for an effective assignment at the best market price.

Contact us to know more about the offers!

Our Legal Publication Services

The following are the services we provide to help you with all types of publications, whether they are articles or entire books:

  1. The Author’s Team – The following are our services that help you with the main content of your article/book:
  1. Main Body – The main body of your publication will determine your worth in the legal academia; we help you strengthen your arguments.

We help you answer questions related to the order of information that you draft in your work. For example, should you begin your piece with your thesis statement and then add supporting statements? Or should you write all your arguments first and then arrive at your thesis statement as a conclusion?

WOLR guides you with the systematisation of your work in addition to aid you to make your first draft, short-listing legal research topics, making references to legal research sites, etc.

  1. Supporting Research – It is often difficult to find authoritative sources to support your arguments; we assist you in doing that substantially.

While dealing with legal writing, one needs to be certain of the supporting statements for the arguments that are being made in any work. You may have found a novel area of study to research upon and may even have developed a line of argument but you aren’t certain whether you have explored enough or not. Moreover, an author also often feels a sense of dissatisfaction with his/her work. Regardless of what area of law you choose to write about, our researchers engage in rigorous legal research, sieve through the massive data and hand-pick sensible statements that are relevant to your work.

WOLR assesses and ensures that what your writing is backed by authorities from the relevant field and that all the missing pieces of the puzzle are in their place.

  1. Contemporising Your Work – Never let an old piece written by you stack down in your folder; our team of experts can assist you in updating and making it a published material.

Contemporising of any work that is written in the past involves making it up to date and bringing the necessary changes to incorporate the developments made in the respective field that the written piece deals with.

We ensure that a piece drafted by you is up-to-date with the latest amendments made in the legal world. After all, statements backed up with latest developments are what makes any written work worthwhile for readers.

Also if you want it published, we will provide you with the list of all relevant journals and study their citation style, word limit, referencing and make sure to assist you in making that fit for the respective publication.

  1. Acknowledgement – We help you extend your gratitude in an appropriate manner so that you do not miss out in giving credit to anyone who supported you.

    The purpose of an acknowledgment is to express your gratitude to everyone who helped you make your work better – whether it is your mentor, teacher, parent, or anyone else who has played the role of being a guide to you in your journey of legal writing.

We take everyone into account and draft acknowledgements that convey your gratitude effectively.

  1. References/Footnotes/Endnotes/Bibliography – In addition to just listing the right list of books, we also ensure that the format to be followed is strictly adhered to.

Footnotes and endnotes serve the purpose of providing extra information about the topic you’re writing on. References and bibliography, on the other hand, state the sources that you have referred to strengthen your arguments. Sometimes, a misplaced coma or an omitted capital letter (or an incorrect usage of lower-case letters) are reasons for your writing to get rejected.
A specific platform might require you to make citations in the Bluebook style whereas others might require you to comply with the Chicago style. Often, the platforms have their own citation style that needs to be looked out for.

We keep all of this in mind and cover all the chinks in the armour of your writing.

  1. Proofreading – Analysing and doing the final polish to the work is a process that our editors are thoroughly familiar with.

One of the final stages that precedes publishing your work is proofreading which is done by taking into account various angles when it comes to legal writing. We ensure that there is grammatical consistency throughout your draft while we work on the sentence structures (the combination of lengths across paragraphs), and, if needed, upgrade the language of your paper in consonance with legal writing.

  1. The Author’s Publicist – The following services provided by us help you get a broader reach and audience, and help disseminate your ideas to the world:
    1. Magazine-writing/Article – Let the world see your work through publication in various magazines/journals.

Writing for a legal magazine is a tricky task because some magazines are acceptant of informal tones, while others are absolutely strict about maintaining a formal framework in their articles. Moreover, as students, the more you engage yourself with writing, the better you will get with articulation. But, you will also need to comply with certain requirements if you want to express yourself.

We assist you in improving these drafts by figuring out the criteria required as well as other necessary details that are required for creating articles for various magazines. 

  1. Blog – With our guidance, disseminate your ideas, and legal research and analysis through blogs published in your name.

Blogging is an important way of expressing yourself when you are starting out and are often expository in nature, i.e. they provide information to people by simplifying the topic being discussed or written about.

We keep various factors in mind before helping you publish your blogs. Some of these factors include but are not limited to the target audience, the length, the language used, the tone, and, finally, the relevance of your work with regards to the platform and how updated it is.

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