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Expand your Advocacy with Our Help

Our legal writing, drafting, and research experts aid you in becoming the shark in this ocean of legal world.

We Help You Expand Your Practice

We help you with a variety of legal writing, drafting and translation services that can help you leave a mark in the field of law as someone who contributed to the legal research and analysis required in this constantly changing world of litigation.  

Adding Value to your Practice:

Our team includes experienced law professionals, researchers, writers, and editors who will put in their best to give you quality material.

We can help you with essentials needed by advocates including but not limited to: 

  1. Legal Drafting
  2. Legal Research
  3. Legal Formatting
  4. Proofread / Review 
  5. Translation of documents (English/Hindi/Gujarati/German)

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Our Special Features:

  • Everything that we deliver is made with the combined efforts of legal experts, experienced editors and graduates from top national and international universities. Our team is our best asset.
  • We make no copyright claims or any claims of credit over any work we deliver.
  • We believe in absolute confidentiality when it comes to whom we work with and what we deliver.
  • We help you with multiple amendments and editing even after we deliver.
  • We deliver within agreed-upon deadlines.


The following are the services we provide to help advocates broaden their reach and establish themselves:

  1. Legal Drafting

We here at World of Legal Research focus on reducing the burden and thus providing assistance to such advocates within the given deadline. We are here to ease out the process for you and provide you with the bandwidth to focus more on growing your practice. Drafting emails, legal notices, agreements, plaints, written statements and the likes are few of the essential documents drafted by an advocate. Having a team of experts or professionals in the field of law, we thereby reduce your burden and assist you hand in hand to ease out the whole process of legal drafting and aid in your growth and development in the legal field.

  1. Legal Research

To strengthen any argument an advocate is required to corroborate it with any judicial precedent, admissible reports or the corroboration of facts as provided in the documents of the case amongst others. We at WOLR focuses on providing you with the fast-paced legal research on all the abovementioned fronts and our team thus creates a smooth process for you to thus strengthen your arguments within a limited time thus making your practice efficient in legal research and arguments.

  1. Legal Formatting

Presentation of a document is one of the key aspects that is required to be fulfilled. Every legal document prepared by an advocate shall comply with certain obligations of formatting. Every advocate has its own way of formatting his documents, however, the formatting of these documents require a lot more than we think. Thus, to curb such important time that can be used by yourself to prepare another document, we help you out with formatting a complete document with the help of our legal experts of the field who are professionals at formatting in a fast-paced manner. Our experts have the ability to adapt to the criteria provided and deliver the deliverables with complete formatting of the document within or early to the deadlines.

  1. Proofread / Review

Our experts with an eye for details aids you to reach the level of perfection and consistency within your content and formatting of the document. Every business, firm, consultant, company, organization and the likes have some or the legal document to execute with their own specifications. Pursuant to the same, our team of professionals believe in providing these details as per our clients’ requirements or conditions specified.

  1. Translation of documents (English/Hindi/Gujarati/German)

We don’t let language barriers get in the way of your legal practice. The documents at the lower level of the judiciary are written and prepared in the local language. However, at the higher levels for proceedings before the High Court or Supreme Court these documents are required to be interpreted and articulated in the English language. In relation to the same we’ll be able to provide you with the most accurate translation services of these documents to you. Our experienced professional translators keep the meaning intact with the legal understanding of the documents and content therein.



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