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Category: Teacher

Benefits of Experiential and Problem Solving Based Pedagogy in Legal Teaching

Unlike most other professional courses, the legal training imparted in colleges is mostly restricted to classroom teaching only. Almost all of the subjects one is introduced to in one’s law school tenure, majority of the subjects are taught by the Law Faculties with the help of the conventional textbook reading and learning style, which is alittle discouraging and makes the highly practical profession of law look extremely […]
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Classroom Life-Skills: Developing Effective Class Notes in Law School

One of the most underrated issues I want to put forward is the importance of taking running notes in your classrooms. In today’s technologically advanced countries, there are record lecturers and on-demand tutorial classes but let me tell you, nothing beats the old-school note-taking approach in your classrooms. Human brain encodes information in different ways and […]
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Why is it so important to publish books in your name as an academician?

Importance of legal content writing, legal research, and writing for teachers, faculties, and academicians:  In law, great emphasis is laid upon citations and legal authorities, legal writing, and manuals and books that support, strengthen and substantiate one’s legal argument. If you’re an academician, it is needless to say how important legal precedents (hence, legal research) are for any issue. Such precedents lay the foundation […]
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Classroom & Courtroom

“What you’re going to learn in classrooms and from your books, exams & legal research, endless law assignments  is going to be entirely different from what happens in courtrooms.” That’s something that I’ve heard quite a few times, from multiple people, during and after law school. It was quite evident when one of the concepts I’d learnt […]
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Importance of Guest Lecturers and Third Party Expertise in Law Schools

Law is dynamic. One of the most significant features of law is that one needs to have perspective and long-range vision i.e. Legal Academicians know the importance of imbibing such skills into their students. Therefore, if we look at elite institutions of law, there is great emphasis laid down on importance of expert lectures and visiting faculties. In Ivy […]
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