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Category: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence And The Intellectual Property Law: Indian Scenario

In the developing era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is boosting up and is therefore being used in each and every area of the field. The different innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence have been tremendously affecting our life by just simplifying the tasks we perform. While we talk about the Intellectual property law, it was designed during the industrial revolution and […]
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Legal Education and Artificial Intelligence: Different Perspective

There is an intensive demand in applying Artificial Intelligence in legal research and therefore slowly transforming the legal profession in education and practice. In this changing time of evolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence, its interface with the legal education system is a big debate. Few believe that bringing the efficient option of AI will not just boost up the quality of the legal education but also helps in […]
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Artificial Intelligence, Legal fraternity and Supreme Court

As the advent of Artificial intelligence has bought a revolution in the field of machine learning and its impact on various sectors, judiciary and courts are not untouched. Recently, SA Bobde, the Chief Justice of India, announced that the Apex Court (Supreme court) should be adopting AI very soon. It is being claimed that AI shall facilitate in administrating justice delivery; also, it was specified […]
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