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About WOLR

World of Legal Research is a team of legal experts with a vision to aid the legal entrepreneurs, practitioners, aspirants and the likes to fulfil their dreams and the allied projects.

AND we are looking to expand.


Job Description

The candidates may apply for the following positions:

  1. Legal Researcher
  2. Legal Editor and Reviewer
  3. Blogger
  4. Legal Content Writer (for websites)
  5. Marketing (Law degree required)
  6. Graphic Designers (Law degree not required)

The following is the criteria and the candidates fulfilling the same may be given more preference:

  1. Graduated from a recognised law college (5 years’ integrated course only)
    If the applicant is a student, then he/she should be pursuing law from a recognised law college (5 years integrated course only)
  2. Research experience and publications
  3. Familiarity with the subjects of law
  4. Knowledge of different citation style
  5. Proficiency in English (grammatical perfection and basic drafting skills)
  6. Perfectionist by nature and ability to abide the deadlines
  7. Only for bloggers and website content writers: Basic familiarity with SEO words and their usage; or at least the capability to draft in accordance with SEO-requirements after being explained/instructed regarding the same

Benefits of working with us:

  • Remote Working
  • Flexible timings (If you’re occupied with other commitments, we won’t allot you the particular task)
  • Timely payments
  • Your opinions related to the given project or task assigned are heard and respectfully considered.


This is a contract-based position and the location of the candidate does not matter (working from home is granted).



The remuneration shall be project/transaction-based in accordance with the industry standards and the level of expertise displayed by the candidate.


How to Apply?

  • You can apply to either one position or multiple positions. To apply you will need:
    • Up to date Resume/CV
    • 250 words write-up (About me)
    • Writing sample
  • You can apply on this google link:
  • You can send any query on [email protected]


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