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How to Write an Article for Personal & Professional Growth?

In the legal field, a lawyer is a student for life. He has ample arenas of growth and self-nutriment and an important principle any lawyer must abide by is constant READING. He must constantly keep himself updated about the latest developments within and even outside his field. He must have a unique ability to harmonize, condense and mentally reconcile every new development and must learn to connect the intermingling legal dots as all laws function in the society simultaneously. In other words, all the laws function in a society together and not in isolation. One of many abilities that a lawyer must have is that he should have strong writing and articulation skills.

Importance of Legal Writing:
Legal writing is an art. A lawyer / law student must have good writing skills and he must always be able to express his views in black and white. Anyone would have a thousand thoughts going on simultaneously his mind, but only a skilled person can harmonize, compartmentalize and channelize these thoughts and give them a proper structured form. In fact, WOLR can’t emphasis enough on the importance of nurturing the said quality since the very beginning of your law school. Actually, the best time to start your writing practice was yesterday! Be that as it may, a law student must participate in activities atleast like writing legal articles, legal papers, doing legal publications at least once in their law school tenure.

How to write an article for Personal Growth?
The first and foremost principle of writing anything worthwhile is to read huge amounts of literature related to the topic on which one intends to write. Such readings broaden your thinking horizons and stimulate and churn your mind’s creative juices. If you honestly intend to provide something never-seen-before and out-of-the-box research in legal field, then you must deeply understanding the issue on hand on which you wish to write. It increases your mindfulness about the aforesaid topic and makes you creatively think for innovative solutions.

You can also maintain a journal/diary that allows you to pen down and log your thoughts that strike you at an unexpected time. This way you can pen down all your thoughts and later give them a proper structure, which suits your flow of writings. Additionally you may focus on your interactions with people and observe that after you start writing, your conversations become very effective. You are able to communicate clearly and many a times such communications give birth to new and innovative ideas! This is because you can channelize and summarize

your conversational flow very efficaciously, which indirectly helps your drafting skills. Trust me, your confidence would surely get a booster doze once you start writing.

Why the need for so much pain!!
Moreover, you should also ask yourself that why do you want to write on a particular subject of law? That’s a fundamental inquiry that you should make before starting any legal writing. Do you want to publish your paper in a reputed legal journal? Do you want to participate in a symposium and get your paper featured there? Do you simply want to write a legal essay on the topic that you find academically intriguing? Posing such questions to yourself helps you narrow down and zero in on your scope of work. Such self-posed questions will also help get a direction for your writings and add varied perspectives and different angles to your writings thereby making it more elaborate and conducive.

Consequently, World of Legal Research helps and assists you in improvising your writing skills by providing quality legal proofreading services. We offers you tailor-made and customized services suiting your requirements.

-Yash Shah