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How to make Effective PowerPoint Presentations for Upcoming Law Conferences

As a law student, it is definitely an achievement on getting your paper selected for a law conference or legal seminar. It surely adds laurels to your CV and also ensures to sharpen your skills of legal research and publications. There ofcourse are additional benefits such as exposure of visits to different universities and networking with law students and law faculties. Additionally adding an award for ‘Best Presentation’ or ‘Best Paper’ wouldn’t hurt your CV!

Main three things to take care of:
1. KYA (Know Your Audience) and
2. Customising according to your conference theme
3. contemporize the relevance

Why would you need PPTs in your paper presentation:
PPTs presents your paper in a logical and harmonious fashion. It helps you maintain the flow. Sometimes audience does not follow your speech and may lose the sync. AT that time, your PPT will help the judges, audience and your panel to bring their focus back to your research paper.
Also sometimes your data is hard to explain and too complex to explain in 2 minutes and at that time your PPT will do your job.

Make Speaking Notes:
Keep your content low in PPT presentation and more in speech.  Also, avoid using jargons or heavy words in the PPTs. That is where speaking notes

Compare slide 1 and slide 2

can help you! They are similar to the content of your oral presentation and help you keep track of it and stay focused. The content must look more professional and academic. Additionally, using charts, tables in your presentations enriches your content even more.

For better understanding:
Consider a 2,000-word paper, wherein it is not necessary to say every word of it to your audience and no need to read out the paper to the audience. If you are clueless about how to start participating in law conference then:

In case you are participating in any upcoming legal conferences (call for papers), it is strongly advised that you use a PPT presentation and speaking notes for it. For the above reasons and more, it creates a strong impression towards your audience and they can very well ascertain that you know your content well. At WOLR, we assist and curate the creation of effective research paper drafting and its ancillary presentation. We have a team of professional experts having rich and varied real legal life experience and they offer their services at extremely competitive market rates. We prep you for your upcoming legal conferences or call for papers.
For more information, contact WOLR.