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How to conduct quality Legal Research in your work

One of the essential steps to starting a legal research is to identify a research problem, which eventually will help in determining the methodology of your legal research. It is essential to first understand the importance of the research question. Planning a hypothesis also shapes the legal research and further provides a direction as to where the researcher should invest his or her time in carrying out user research. Then the next question which arise is to adhere to the proper legal research process, and after identifying questions shall proceed with collecting data relevant to the proposed research.

The process of conducting quality research will surely benefit the researcher in the following ways-

  • It saves the precious time of the researcher.
  • It makes legal writing more organized and structured.
  • It also assists the researcher in analyzing the data properly.

The following steps that every researcher should follow-

Identifying a topic– The purpose is to get the clarity on your scope of work and the area on which the researcher will present the paper. The topic further can be refined by the requirement and stages of the paper.

Find key sources– It is important to understand that sources of your research. If the it is empirical research, then one needs to understand the process of collecting data from various sources. It is also essential to understand the importance of primary and secondary resources to back your reasoning in your paper.

Cite your sources– The most vital point is to cite your work. The researcher should adhere to the style referred and should cite the source accurately. Citation plays a crucial role in enhancing the research paper and makes it presentable.
Therefore, an important aspect of efficient research is to keep yourself focused and in order to do that a researcher should plan by keeping a separate document, which should consist of essential points, that may require additional research. Every time you encounter such a point, make a note of it in the document and then keep writing. Only stop when you cannot get any further without additional legal research.

– Mukesh Arora