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How To Choose A Topic For LLM Dissertation?

One of the most challenging parts of an LLM program is picking a feasible and interesting Legal Research Topic on which intensive research can be conducted and further can be completed in time. The law dissertation is a significant achievement of an individual and helps propel the director of one’s career. One should keep in mind the aspect of legal research and writing before starting the content of the dissertation.

Some helpful tips which you should follow during your search for a topic are:

  • Reading-  The basic idea about reading more is to gain knowledge about the issues which your peers might have chosen, their way of writing, the presentation and research style. This will help in better understanding the complexities and struggles, an LLM scholar might have to encounter.
  • Identifying Issues-  By reading some of the best research papers from resources, be it online or offline and by looking at it with the appropriate questions in mind, one can come to understand concretely if there is a need to embark on a topic.
  • Discussion – Talk to your seniors, peer groups, potential advisors, experts, etc. They might help you find a topic or atleast suggest a way out. They also might share their practical stories of struggles and successes which will motivate you and keep you going way forward.
  • Evidence- Search for new evidence, rather than relying upon the clichéd examples referred to every research paper.
    Innovation- Focus on creating a new and original dissertation. On the contrary, you should also be aware that research is not always entirely original. It dwells on what is already known. Research for the topic in such a way that nobody else has already performed a similar study. Be as flexible as you can. Every good researcher should be open and adapt to new evidence. The moto of your law dissertation is to find answers to questions, irrespective of the fact that they are uncomfortable or unacceptable.

Keep in mind that choosing a good topic is not as easy it as seems. It has to be narrowed down in such a way that it triggers the reader’s interest. At the same time, it must also provide sufficient knowledge.

Treat your work with respect and accept your feelings towards it. There will be pleasant and rewarding days as well as difficult ones. Just remember that difficult moments help develop your doctoral dissertation and bring it to successful completion.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started? Or why you are stuck or fed up? Give World of Legal Research a call, and we will guide you to our best abilities.

– Mukesh Arora
– LLM (Queen Mary University of London)