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Helpful Webinars for Law Aspirants and First Year Law Students

A webinar is an online version of a seminar. Law schools frequently used to organise seminars for their students, but now that the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the academic curriculum has gone online. Thus, seminars can no longer be conducted in auditoriums of law schools and that is why law schools and various other legal websites have taken to webinars, which are the same interactive platforms as seminars, without any physical interaction. Webinars can be customised for different law students catering to their current legal research and analysis needs and what might help them academically and professionally in the future. There are a few webinars that might greatly benefit the law aspirants or the students studying in the first year of their law schools for the purpose of legal essay writing or legal publication in the future:

  • Tort Law Webinars: Tort is a subject one is supposed to study for CLAT as a part of legal knowledge or legal reasoning and Tort is again dealt with in the first year of almost every law school in the country. Therefore, a webinar in tort law provides one with detail and sound understanding of the law of torts. Also, as far as the first year law students are concerned, a webinar of law of torts is likely to cover deeper concepts of the subject and thereby, helping in understanding the law and its application in a better manner.
  • Contract Law Webinars: Just like the law of torts, law of contracts is also a part of Legal knowledge or legal reasoning and it is also dealt with in the initial years of most of the law schools. Most law schools also offer ‘Advanced Legal Contracts’ as a part of their curriculum in the later years as a specialization subject, and that involves in-depth legal research and writing. Webinars can help in developing a better comprehension of the advanced legal contracts, which is one of the most essential subjects to focus on for students who want to intern in and have an inclination for corporate law in the future.
  • Legal Methodology Webinars: Legal Methodology is a subject which introduces a law student to law. Almost all law schools offer legal methodology as a subject in the first semester itself. Legal Methodology discusses the basic legal issues from What is law, Sources of law, Classification of law, Law and morality debate, Hierarchy of judiciary in India, Administration of justice, to more complex concepts such as various religious legal systems, historical approach and evolution of law, Legal research methodology, which also happens to be an independent subject in itself in many law schools. Webinar based on Legal Methodology is a must attend for all law aspirants and first year law students for developing a basic understanding of law itself as a concept and to know where to begin their legal research and analysis whenever they are engaged in legal essay writing.
  • Legal research methodology webinars: Probably the most useful skill that a lawyer can add their armour is the skill of legal research and the time to build this skill is no better than the first year itself. Apart from helping in internship and later on professionally, legal research and analysis skills also help one write a legal research paper, prepare a moot court memorial and during legal research paper presentation. The earlier one learns the skills of legal research, the better one fares in the law school as moot courts and legal research papers are considered very important in law schools and corporate law firms and senior advocates look for research papers and moot courts on one’s Curriculum Vitae before offering internships or even Pre placement offers.
    -Anmol Goswami