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How to effectively write cover letters for law students for employments and how to ace it

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Let me start with defining what a cover letter actually is and what effect and relevance should it have for a law student? This blog explores why should the budding lawyers care for an amazing cover letter and how it adds value to your career graph.

What constitutes a cover letter?

A cover letter (CL) is generally a one-page introduction about yourself and it is given along with your CV to a potential employer. It acts as a ‘cover’ or an introduction about you in the least words possible.

Your CL should first of all be concise, brief and very articulate about your soft and legal skills. It should act as a self-advertising agenda and your skills should be carefully publicized through your CL in a manner that the potential employer / recruiter reading it gets a feeling that you are the ‘right’ candidate for the job. CL should be highly customized for every application you make and the flavor of your CL should change as per the needs and requirements of the job you’re applying for.

How to draft an effective CL?

Your CL should start by a brief introduction about who you are in terms of your academia. For example, your name, your area of specialization and what do you seek? It must contain connection and reference to the employer you are writing the CL for. Secondly, it must contain a brief narration about your academic contributions, laurels and achievements you have earned and most importantly what are the current activities you are engaged it.

Honestly speaking, it is no rocket science to draft a CL but it surely is an art. Your grammar is put to strict test and you should ensure there are no grammatical oversights whatsoever. It acts as an add-on to your resume and you have a chance to distinguish yourself when you draft and put a CL with your resume.

How to ace your CL drafting and achieve what you seek:

  • Your CL should be drafted succinctly. As its popularly said, less is more.
  • Be like Sachin Tendulkar, have a killer opening statement, which separates you from the rest. In other words, catch your employer’s attention by your CL.
  • Share what you have achieved and connect it to the needs of the organization and how you can contribute to its growth.

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-Yash Shah