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Importance of Speaking Notes for better Presentations in Law Conferences and Lectures

The basics of presentation delivery : 
While giving any presentation (legal or non-legal), making a connection with the audience is essential. When such a connection is built, the message/content gets lucidly conveyed to the audience and the desired results are achieved.

While presenting any piece of information in law conferences or on any legal lecture, the importance of speaking notes should be emphasized upon. I lay high stress on speaking notes since it is a thing hiding in plain sight, which helps you in delivering a perfect presentation. That can be defined as ‘help notes’ or ‘brief important points’ from within your presentation. They are simple one-point illustrations of all the essential content of your presentation.

Why are such speaking notes important? 
Honestly speaking, it becomes extremely embarrassing when one loses track of his presentation while delivering the same. The PPTpresentation that a presenter would have readied will contain text, pictures and graphics; however the same is for the appetite of the audience and the presenter has less to do with it during the presentation. Ideally, the presenter must deliver ‘extra content’ which is outside of his presentation and such content forms the real takeaway of any presentation.

For example, consider the below illustration:


Moreover, in case the presenter forgets something in between his presentation, it creates a dent on the presenter’s presentation skills. Moreover, when that stammering or ‘aaaa…’ happens in between a presentation, it is a big NO-NO! It is a sign of unpreparedness and therefore speaking notes must be developed to eliminate such unpleasant situations.

How to make practical speaking notes
There is no straightjacket formula for developing speaking notes, however, the following tips help create useful speaking notes. One, breakdown the wok. It means dividing your presentation into different compartments and then organizing the same in a logical flow. Two, constantly edit your speaking notes till the D-day. Trust me; it helps when you know your content in and out since the same is memorized after numerous revisions. Three, take help of your seniors/friends/colleague. In light of their superior experience, they can help you with recognizing the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ in your ppt and help you with also upgrading your content.

One needs to recognize the keywords in your presentation. They are like a one-word summary of your entire presentation. These are the words, which sum up your presentations. Such keywords are analogous to your entire presentation.

At WOLR, we help curate nothing but the best content for your presentation and help you ace your game. We assist in developing presentations, preparing speaking notes and prepping you for your D-day so that you ace your presentations. Contact WOLR, for more information.

-Yash Shah