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Category: Legal Research

Legal Research Methodology’s Effect on a Lawyer’s Career

Legal research is a study conducted to investigate the available material and resources to obtain results and conclusions out of the given material and resources. Research is a scientific and systematic way of finding relevant knowledge out of a big pool. One needs to understand that when research is being conducted, one only has to rediscover the information and data […]
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Need for intense legal research in Moot Courts

A renowned advocate once said the art of advocacy is to complicate simple issues and simplify complicated issues. The first thing a law student learns about the art of advocacy after reaching a law school is the Moot court. Moot courts are not only the first introduction to a law student of how court functions but moot courts also prepare one for court mannerism, etiquette and the code of conduct in front of a judge […]
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Benefits of Experiential and Problem Solving Based Pedagogy in Legal Teaching

Unlike most other professional courses, the legal training imparted in colleges is mostly restricted to classroom teaching only. Almost all of the subjects one is introduced to in one’s law school tenure, majority of the subjects are taught by the Law Faculties with the help of the conventional textbook reading and learning style, which is alittle discouraging and makes the highly practical profession of law look extremely […]
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How to select a literature Research topic for Legal Publication?

What are the basics of selecting a topic? : a. Selection of an area for research: The central point of consideration is that one must narrow down on anarea that interests one. A great deal of time is consumed in legal research and legal writing, therefore, selecting an area of interest helps one stay focused on the tedious job of legal research. The true essence […]
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An English poet, Charles Lamb, once said – “He is no lawyer who cannot take two sides”. The above statement puts the concepts of analytical thinking and reasoning skills of a legal brain in a nutshell and this piece is all about how it is critically important to imbibe the reasoning skills for a lawyer. Reasoning is a skill with various essential branches, such […]
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Private Law Schools v/s National Law Universities

Each year, for almost 2900 seats in all the National Law Universities’ undergraduate program combined, nearly 50,000 students appear for CLAT. These statistics evidently imply that the selection percentage is below 6%, thereby making it really difficult to secure an admission in the prestigious National Law Universities. It’s great for the 6% ofstudents who can secure admission in one, but what about […]
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UGC-NET: An Advocate’s Exploration of Beyond the Run-of-the-Mill

The sight of a swarm of Advocates walking out of the courts can at times be pretty intimidating for a first generation Lawyers, with little to no connections in the field. For these first generation Lawyers and many others, who have found their calling in legal research and writing, and are willing to explore the world of academics, the UGC NET […]
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How to conduct quality Legal Research in your work

One of the essential steps to starting a legal research is to identify a research problem, which eventually will help in determining the methodology of your legal research. It is essential to first understand the importance of the research question. Planning a hypothesis also shapes the legal research and further provides a direction as to where the researcher should invest his […]
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