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How to Go About it ?

Participate in the second blog writing competition organised by the World of Legal Research and get a chance to win exciting prizes. World of Legal Research is a company that provides the best academic research base services for law schools, students, professors, paper presenters, authors, corporate sector and advocates.


Legal Education & legal research

In the modern, ever-changing world it is important legal education to evolve. There is a need to increase the ambit of the area. In pursuit of the same, the World of Legal Research has identified 7 topics that are in need of more research and should be the centre of academic discourse.


The participants have to select a topic from the list given below:

  • Role of AI or chat GPT in Legal Education
  • Are Law Schools Preparing Law Students for Their Careers?
  • Differential Treatment: Private Universities and NLUs

Important Dates

• Last date for submission: 30th August, 2023
• Announcement of results: 10th September, 2023


  • All submissions must be original works of the authors and represent significant contributions. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • The length of the blog is to be from 800 to 1200 words.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted electronically as a Word document file specifically. (.doc or.docx).
  • Joint Contributions: Collaborative blogs by up to a maximum of two authors shall also be considered.
  • For participating in this competition, click on this link to fill out your form and submission of the blog

What are the Prizes

Best 1st year student prize
INR 1500

Best LLM student prize
INR 2000

What will you be provided?
  • Exceptionally well-written blogs will be published on our website as well as on our social media.
  • E-Certificate for participation will be provided to all the participants