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WOLR: Every Law Professor’s Personal Assistant!

Being a law teacher is not easy. Every year you have a noble obligation of imparting knowledge in a new set of students who are basically ‘clean slates and who thinks they know everything! Sometimes you feel like you are being scrutinised, judged and assessed by 80 pair of eyes. You are put-in-charge of making your students understand an entirely novel legal subject from scratch. It is surely a daunting task and we can empathize with the pressure you have to cope with.

Do you find time for yourself during the course of your semester?
During the course of your semester, you always have too much on your platter that that you hardly get time to indulge into activities for your own academic development let alone taking some activity wayward from your academic commitments! And to add to all these, if you’re good, you are put-in-charge of not one but, multiple semesters and conferences, seminars and symposiums and hundred other fancy-name activities! Your institution’s management leaves no stone unturned in making your life awfully busy.
Some people wrongly think that a teacher’s job is a cakewalk job. They foolishly think that a teacher is paid just to talk, but rarely do they understand that the things you talk about have to make good sense in front of your students!

This is where we pitch in for you! Consider us your personal assistants out of your institution. We offer you help when you need it! Be it any activity of your college, we are your helping hands. 😉

We believe you too want that much-awaited promotion which takes you from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and from Associate Professor all the way to Professor. For the aforesaid, you need publications on your name; you need to authored books too. You have amazing, novel ideas but no time to deliberate, develop, articulate and explore them? You already have a long pending PhD thesis but no time to proofread or transform it into a book?
We help you in all the above!

WOLR assists you in all your academic endeavours:
Need somebody to set a paper for subject that you’re teaching? Need help in drafting a moot-problem? Need assistance in evaluating your students’ assignments? Do you feel like contributing more to your students by designing innovative quiz, tests and fun learning activities for them? Need help in designing a questionnaire for upcoming vivas?


In addition to the brief issues stated above, we assist you in almost everything under the sun to make your job and life easier!

What is WOLR ? What services do we offer?
WOLR is always here for you. WOLR believe in sharing your workload and being your academic partners throughout the course of your semester. You as a teacher/faculty/academician would feel that many times you’re overburdened by day-to-day affairs and that you can’t find time for your professional academic development. You can’t seem to find time for conducting research on a subject of your liking and the lethal routine strikes at you every single day! It seldom leaves any amount of time for you to engage into activities for your development.

A brief sneak peek in WOLR:
You might find it difficult to write a good article for your personal academic growth, which you want to write since long, or doing some research for law students on citations and referencing styles in legal writing. We work hard and bring your ideas to life in totally customised ways!

During the course of your semester you don’t get time to choose a dissertation topic for your research projects if you are pursuing academic research. Don’t let your everyday regime come in way of your professional development. We provide quality assistance in legal research and also provide quality-drafting assistance services to help you succeed in your academic pursuits.

WOLR: Your teaching assistants !
As a law teacher you would also want to give your best to your students and at the same time do justice to the subject in your hand. We help you in developing exercises, innovative trainings and worksheets for incorporating analytical thinking in your students through your teachings. What’s better than having a full time assistant in your semester that helps you innovate and modernize your legal teachings. Our exercises are based on experiential and problem-solving pedagogy and which improve and enhance your students’ skill sets. We also help you develop customised class notes for your reference or distribution amongst the students.

When teaching in senior semesters your students expect more qualitative inputs. By the end of their 3rd year, they would have learnt ‘how to study law’ and unlocked the necessary skill set to do so. They essentially look upto for someone who can provide them with such mentorship and answer burning questions that a student might have with regard to what path to choose after his law school? You can exceed their expectations by navigating them with your experience and intelligence. From educating a student whether to pursue LLM in foreign universities v/s LLM in Indian Universities to assisting a bright student which pre-placement offer to choose from… You should be in for any type of bouncer questions! We assist you in getting answers for them.

We help you progress:
Most importantly, talking about your own professional development, its imperative for you to understand the importance of building your own academic profile by article writings, paper publications, journal publications and more. It is crucial to have constant ongoing projects about current affairs as that would act as a stimulus and catalyst in your academic career building.
For all the young and dynamic professors reading this, you must also understand the importance of aligning your PhD planning with your academic interests. This would give you an edge in your planning and also give you a clear path to trade upon in the course of your career.

-Yash Shah