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Why should you write research papers on law topics if your goal is to get a corporate job?

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  • Why should you write research papers on law topics if your goal is to get a corporate job?

Research papers are important in today’s digital age where knowledge is accessible at clicks of a button. Some even go on to say that it is one of the most basic abilities to articulate your thoughts into words and to pen them down. Writing a research paper is an essential part of legal training from any novice student. It gives them visibility, establishes credibility and eliminates the much-feared writer’s block that one may experience. An essential step towards full legal training, the process involves forming an opinion strong enough to write about, building coherent thoughts and eventually using precision, all of which are much needed skills in lawyers. After all, cohesive writing refines and improves communication skills.

More often than not, engaging in this painstaking process of writing also improves and develops crucial researching skills. The skill of critical thinking, without which a lawyer isn’t really him/herself, comes from analyzing both sides of an argument and succinctly putting them in writing. It involves going through bulks of papers, reading and making sense of them and zeroing down on the important aspect therein. By doing this, the brain adapts to developing cognitive and critical thinking, which is arterial for a lawyer. You understand what is happening in the real world. Therefore, you understand how a cookie crumbles in the real life. Voila, you have unlocked logical thinking!

Although one may seek a career in a corporate setting, writing is the ideal way to enhance your legal training by flexing your legal drafting skills along with making a lucrative start to your career. Did you know that writing research papers for well-known academic periodicals and reputed journals highly improves one’s prospects of bagging a good five/six-figure job? Once you dive into the ocean of a subject, you scale its depth you establish domain knowledge and you become an ‘expert’ in the subject since you have read a great deal about that particular subject. After all, a well-researched and coherent paper albeit on established ideas, is more likely to be published. The writing has to appeal to the intended readers and peers. In fact, writing multiple papers on the same subject helps develop credibility over a subject. It is also the easiest way of getting a book publication under your belt. You can start with smaller tasks like assignment, law essay and thesis writing and later attempt legal document draftingLAW for clients. The last one is a very important aspect of any legal training framework in a setting. When you are more comfortable with this, you can progress towards bigger assignments such as writing a book. It is never too difficult to find an ideal book publishing service for your hard-earned work. This, in turn, adds value to your profile and CV. Who wouldn’t agree that this would kickstart your career and provide you an upper hand in legal researching writing and analysis over your peers? All these skills are much required and can also show you as one who engages in extra-curricular activities, a quality which is much appreciated by potential employers. It is an ideal platform for you to further your passion or even a career as a legal content writer and cement your legal training with a strong foundation.
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