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Why is it so important to publish books in your name as an academician?

Importance of legal content writinglegal research, and writing for teachers, faculties, and academicians

In law, great emphasis is laid upon citations and legal authorities, legal writing, and manuals and books that support, strengthen and substantiate one’s legal argument. If you’re an academician, it is needless to say how important legal precedents (hence, legal research) are for any issue. Such precedents lay the foundation for whatever legal argument one is making. Additionally, students and readers of legal writing and analysis always try to hunt for a treatise or all-in-one material for any given subject where they can get all the latest updates and developments with regard to any law in one book.

If I were to say in very simple language, whatever argument one is making, he/she needs to back it with some legal reference. It is certainly possible that the case or legal research topic that one is dealing with at present, would have appeared before the courts in yesteryears and may have been reported in various law journals. Such important cases/judgments would have also been covered by practitioners in their legal writing. Law faculties also lay great emphasis on the precedential value that any law holds. In other words, precedents have the value to uphold a proposition in law and also overrule the same. When great importance is given to such writing, the author is believed to have a thorough familiarity with legal research. In other words, when one writes on a subject, he/she obviously gathers an ocean of knowledge since he/she undertakes a great amount of legal research on a particular subject. Soon, one becomes an ‘expert’ because of their legal writing and command great respect in the legal fraternity.

We can safely make a presumption about the dream of every law professor or faculty – to produce a treatise or some form of legal writing work which adds value to the already existing legal academic material and improves the culture of law assignment writing. It is important for their career development that they have feathers of various legal publications in their hats.

How can WOLR help you in your endeavors in becoming a published and respected author and a legal writing expert

We understand that it can be difficult for you to find time to write a book while working at your university. We help you convert your old Ph. D. thesis or LL. M. dissertation into a brand new book! We, at WOLR, help you in finding time for your legal writing ambitions and assist you with the groundwork and advanced legal research for your book. WOLR helps you with advanced and quality legal research on affairs pertaining to your subject, legal content writing for your book, bibliography generation and management, proper construction and logical, lucid flow of your script. WOLR helps in enhancing the readability and making your book more reader-friendly.

How such legal writing takes you to the next level? 

WOLR has a team of legal experts and qualified legal practitioners. They work in diverse areas of law and have a firm grip on various inter-disciplinary developments. Moreover, they also understand how various laws operate and function with one another in the practical world. Therefore, they can help you create concrete and clear ideas about your book and provide you with a sense of direction for your legal writing, which you can then get published! Our team helps you find the right research topics in law, explore and dissect them, and later exploit them to your benefit.

Our team understands that legal writing and legal publication are herculean tasks. Such literary quest covers a variety of jobs, which you can leave to our team of experts. Therefore, leave those ‘small’ and ‘big’ hassles to our team! We also ensure that we operate discretely and assure confidentiality. 

Lastly, an author generates and commends respect and credibility wherever he goes. People in general would want to hear what an ‘expert’ has to speak on a given issue. Legal publication creates a lot of good opportunities for one in the academic sphere and the legal fraternity in general.

Are you a law faculty/academician who is interested in publishing a book or an article in Harvard Law Review or the Yale Law Journal but don’t know how to go about it? Contact WOLR now!