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Be the best at what you do —

Being a professor of law is not just about finding out the appropriate authority, mastering research methodology, and giving law citations to the students. It is also essential to have a bigger picture of the domain in mind and be familiar with the global legal trends.

Dilemmas of a researcher and a faculty:

  • 'Am I citing the relevant cases?'
  • 'Is my research authentic?'
  • 'Is my pedagogy practical?'
  • 'Are my sources enough for the publication?'
  • ‘Is my research up to date?’
  • ‘Have I included the latest developments made in the area of law I am making a publication on/delivering a lecture on?’

WOLR is the solution to all these dilemmas. We provide legal research and writing services that help you prepare the teaching material, aid your research, polish your publication, refine your thesis etc.

How we help —

We help you out by finding out the best sources and references for your purposes. Merely lecturing or citing a research source in a class is passé. Quoting mythical jurisdictions to teach legal writing is also an outdated method. Our legal research is simulation-based and not just the bibliographic ‘show-and-tell’ sorts; we emphasize on experiential learning.

We do that by:

Providing essays, presentations and conferences that focus on problem-based curriculum.
Putting in the research work needed to prepare your lecture notes and providing you with the summaries of the same.
Helping you to master the use of various sources of legal research, and to understand the context within which practitioners use the materials
Figuring out the optimal way to encourage students to learn to use the materials themselves.

Additionally, we will also ensure that all the research is ultimately yours; all we will do is the groundwork. We provide an integrated global platform to academicians in the legal field and help you with base research in your work. Our team of experienced legal content writers can also help you customize your content for the various purposes of publishing in relevant journals (national and international) by taking a look at the bibliography (and adding to it, if needed), help with the foot-noting/end-noting and literature review. We also specialize in updating old research works like theses and articles, and can work on it based on your specific requirement.

Through the essays, presentations and conferences; we motivate problem-based curriculum. We will prepare your lecture notes, provide you with lecture notes and do any such work you require. You shall master the use of various legal research options, understand the context within which practitioners use the materials, and then, ultimately, figure out the optimal way to encourage students to learn to use the materials themselves

For Publication and Attention
Classroom content
Academic requirement
Event-based requirement

How we work with you

Expert writers that we hire work strictly from scratch using the latest sources.
Our customers always enjoy the top quality of custom writing services.

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Contact & Data Gathering

We contact you to understand your requirements and plan your work as per the deadline.

legal writing

Start working

We analyze your requirement and initiate your work.

plagarism free content

Review, Revision & Finalisation

We submit the work to you for approval & after revisions, we handover necessary project files.

Our Features

We do justice to get to the best results and appreciation.
What better than having assisted by Alumni for your writing works.

Experienced Legal Experts and Editors

Everything that we deliver is made with the combined efforts of legal experts, experienced writers, editors and NLU graduates. Our team is our best asset.

No Copyright Claims

We make no copyright claims or any claims of credit over any work we deliver.


We believe in absolute confidentiality when it comes to whom we work with and what we deliver.

Multiple amendments and editing

We help you with multiple amendments and editing even after we deliver.


We deliver within agreed-upon deadlines.

Price Packages

You get premium services for an effective assignment at the best market price. Contact us to know more about the offers!

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