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Train your students using practical activities and provide perspective to research work.

Some of the key learning areas include: how to undertake assignments which get published; how to turn simple write-ups into analytical/ critical/ comparative analyses; and such like.

Our emphasis is on inculcating a systematic thought process and for this purpose, our teaching modules start with the importance of management, planning and customization of work. We provide workshops and seminars to guide groups of students or entire classes on the intricacies of legal research. Our methodology is scientific and well-structured to ensure the best assimilation of knowledge and method. We train using practical activities and provide perspective to research work.

We strive to empower students with the tools needed to excel in the field of legal research and eventually become legal powerhouses.

How we help —

We conduct lectures on global and international subjects online as well as in person. Subjects like public international law, private international law, gender and justice, discrimination law society and development, etc. are some of our core specialty areas.

For a complete list of courses we can provide or customise a lecture for your course outline, visiting faculty support/ tutorials, please contact us.

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We contact you to understand your requirements and plan your work as per the deadline.

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We analyze your requirement and initiate your work.

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We submit the work to you for approval & after revisions, we handover necessary project files.

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