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Make your Article or Book "Publication Ready!"

“There are two things wrong with almost all legal writing. One is its style. The other is its content.”

- Fred Rodell

One can never be too certain about the effectiveness of their thesis and an objective analysis is often needed in the form of peer review.
As an author, you might have faced difficulties in researching and updating your old thesis as well as organising your content. We understand the importance of perfection involved and the level of professionalism required by you as an author.

Successful and effective lawyers appreciate the importance of great legal research. And the best way to improve your skills is to understand and implement the fundamentals of good legal content-writing. That is where we come in. WOLR is here to help, if you seek to publish your work.

We believe that the authenticity of any written piece is a critical component of developing a rapport with the readers. We create content for the target audience you have in mind, and our writing ends with a discernible call to action. We also engage in creative construction of plagiarism-free legal work. And, if you have already done your share of hard work, then we will simply make it publication-ready!

Moreover, we believe in stopping, not when we are tired, but instead only when the work is done. So, we will keep on revising and editing what we give you until you are satisfied with what is given to you.

The work shall remain yours; all we shall do is help you polish, refine, and make it better-suited for the target audience you have in mind.

How we help —

We help you with the legal content production. We will carry out an in-depth study of your work and organise a step-wise timetable based on your need.
While making sure that all the research will be yours (i.e., is credited to you), we will also do the required ground work. We provide an integrated global platform to academicians in the legal field and can help you with the base research in your work.

We can customize your content for the purpose of publishing in various relevant journals (national as well as international), edit bibliography (adding to it, if needed), ensure accuracy in foot-noting/end-noting, and edit and refine the literature review. Our research methodology will be very specific to your varying needs – we will refer to journals and sources specific to the area of law that concerns your paper.

The process is guaranteed to be refined because we prefer to refer to only and only authentic sources. We specialize in updating old research work like thesis, articles, projects, etc. and can work on them depending on your requirement.

For instance, the research work conducted by you was done in the year of 2004; now, you want to add the latest developments in the form of updated legislations, case laws, global trends, etc. and publish it either as an article, a book, or a chapter of a book – we can do that for you.

From index/preface to bibliography and end-noting, leave it all to us!

So now, save your valuable time and effort, and get the best output.

How we work with you

Expert writers that we hire work strictly from scratch using the latest sources.
Our customers always enjoy the top quality of custom writing services.

online legal research

Contact & Data Gathering

We contact you to understand your requirements and plan your work as per the deadline.

 legal writing

Start working

We analyze your requirement and initiate your work.

plagarism free content

Review, Revision & Finalisation

We submit the work to you for approval & after revisions, we handover necessary project files.

Our Features

We do justice to get to the best results and appreciation.
What better than having assisted by Alumni for your writing works.

Limitless Amendments

You get unlimited amendments without spending an extra amount of money

Plagiarism Proof

We detect duplicate content and check If your articles are original before handing it to you.

Professional Writers

Our certified writers with advanced degrees to assist you in the best possible way.

Smart Pricing

You get premium service for an effective and cheap assignment help at the best market price

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