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This is how we work with you:

  • First, we take down your specific requirements, based on the curriculum circulated by your university.
  • Then, we narrow down topics and a draft outline that we present to you. Once approved by you, our team of professional writers and legal experts come together to make their first draft.
  • After the first draft is made, it goes through a revision process. Our writers mould it to suit the audience, and our legal researchers double-check on the sources referred to.
  • Finally, after preparing a few drafts, a final draft is narrowed down and sent to you for your approval.
  • Any changes recommended by you are made within the stipulated time.

Moreover, our team is also a reliable one because of the intersecting interests of our members. Not only our legal researchers but also the professional writers who work for us are masters and doctoral students of top law schools themselves. A combined effort by the two ensures that our Course Packets are target-audience oriented and appeal to even students with low-attention spans.

The cherry on top of all of it is that in addition to just delivering the custom-made Course Packets, we also give an assurance that no copyright claims will be made from our side, i.e. the material will then be exclusively yours! And your confidentiality is assured with us!

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