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Get your readers curious-

An abstract, if drafted well, can get a reader curious and make them want to go through the entire piece; if not, then it can make a reader want to dismiss the written piece as an insincere attempt at legal writing. At WOLR, we believe in creating abstracts that not only convey your ideas concisely but also engage the readers.

An executive summary on the other hand is a summary of a longer piece in its entirety; its purpose is to tell the reader everything they need to know about the paper without his/her having to go through all of it. While drafting an executive summary, it is absolutely necessary to first identify the most important points in your legal assignment and then summarise them in a manner that enough information is given to the readers. Moreover, a reader must also be able to locate the needed information in your draft when they refer to the executive summary. We ensure that all these boxes of requirements are ticked.

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