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Become a better presenter on a public platform

A conference paper presentation involves presenting your ideas on a certain topic to other members of the legal fraternity. Paper presentations are not only important in terms of how you become a better presenter on a public platform but also in terms of what they reflect on your CV. Potential employers at law firms look at conference paper presentation as an activity that makes one a more active candidate when it comes to research and public speaking (presenting) and, hence, more preferable to others.

When it comes to making a conference paper presentation to the legal community at various levels, it is important to maintain certain standards with your legal research. Various aspects of a conference paper like authority of sources referred to and cited, structure, language used, citation style, etc. need to be carefully considered in the drafting stage itself.

WOLR ensures that all these checks are made in addition to helping you narrow down on your ideas or make broad but well-researched statements, depending on your purpose. All of this and a little push in the right direction just might lead you to winning the title for the Best Presenter or even Best Researcher awards.

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