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Provide extra information, right way!

Footnotes and endnotes serve the purpose of providing extra information about the topic you’re writing on. References and bibliography, on the other hand, state the sources that you have referred to so as to strengthen your arguments. Sometimes, a misplaced coma or an omitted capital letter (or an incorrect usage of lower-case letters) are reasons for your writing to get rejected.

Sometimes, the nuances and complexities of law can take a toll on your concentration. What makes it more difficult are the various citation styles that are required for the purpose of publishing in various journals. A specific platform might require you to make citations in the Bluebook style whereas others might require you to comply with the Chicago style. Often, the platforms have their own citation style that needs to be looked out for. For instance, you might start off with your drafting assuming that you have to use the Bluebook citation style; after trying your hand out a few times, you finally begin to get the hang of it. But then, you discover that the platform where you dreamt of publishing your work has suddenly adopted OSCOLA!

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