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It’s Really Hard Being a Student In Law School, You Know!

Life of a law student is nothing less than a roller coaster ride! This blog is aimed at demystifying some notorious notions about law school, confirm the ones that are really true and stock you with an arsenal that will give you an edge from the very beginning of your law school. Law is a great subject to study at university but it does have its own set of challenges: You got to wake up for your morning classes, you have to manage the draconian assignments of all subjects, every semester, you got to focus on profile building and constructing your CV, you need to participate in the moot courts and do paper publications, and much more!

Here’s what you can expect:

It’s all about experiences!
After completing my law school, I did come to an important revelation that law school life was all about experiences. Once I enrolled myself into one of the premium law schools of the country, I thought I had the qualities that a to-be lawyer should have, I was awfully argumentative and I was good at it however, I was literally flabbergasted by the everything around me. I was able to realize that I had so much to do, grasp and learn here.

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What your law school is really about ? 
Honestly speaking, it totally depends on your own self on how much you’re able to make out of your law school and how proficiently can you to enrich yourself academically and otherwise. The academics would be more or less the same in all law colleges; however, extra-curricular activities provide you with the real exposure of the world beyond your law school. It provides you with the much appreciated and acknowledged practical experiences that help you combat real life challenges.  I see extra-curricular activities in a law school as life hacks. These activities help you in thinking on your feet. They instill legal skills in you that you learn only out of your classrooms if you participate in such activities.

not today

Admittedly, there is hardcore competition in every aspect of your law school. One should not try to run from it, but rather understand the spirit of healthy competition and imbibe it into oneself. Once a veteran professor gave a very great learning to us all. He asked us inquisitively that what you should never be in a law school? We wondered and looked at each other by listening to such an unconventional question! Finally he answered, “don’t just be a roll number in your college!” You all out there reading this: Try and understand the depth of that statement.

At the end of law school, the grades do matter to show how successful you were academically but at the same time Importance of Extracurricular Activities in Law School should never be overruled.

Extra Curricular Activities :
Extra Curricular activities have a great bearing and importance in making you a quality and suave lawyer. These activities have a great impact on your CV and placements. Let us understand it from the perspective of a recruiter, if you were in his place, would you want someone who has monotonously been a consistent performer in his/her academics without any other extra-curricular experiences or will you prefer someone who had the confidence to go out of his/her way of regular academic discourses and participate in a wide array of activities for imbibing new skills and talents? Being a recruiter of my own company, I can confidently say that no recruiter gives your CV more than some seconds at the first glance.  You either make it or lose it! Secondly,  the first thing a recruiter notices are not your grades but your publications, moot court experiences and yes, your internships!

Really speaking the one who participated in extra-curricular activities was nothing less than a trailblazer and he was able to find time for things other than his regular classes.  Let me tell you, recruiters are always hunting for people who go out of their comfort zones to learn new things and not for some bookworms with high grades.

Having a long Vision: 
Law schools offer a plethora of opportunities for extra-curricular activities! They range from writing research papers, academic papers, publications, case comments drafting, moot courts, parliamentary debates, client counseling competition, Model United Nations (MUNs) etc. just to name a few. We help and assist you in all of the above and more. We can be your personal guides cum tutor cum profile builder cum personal assistant.  We understand you have overwhelming schedules during your law schools; we help you draft, research, and make quality legal publications out of scratch. We also understand the importance of proofreading in Legal Research and publication and ensure that the quality we deliver is nothing but the best! For starters, Do you know what exactly happens in moot courts and how to have an edge over your competition?

We help and assist you with your college assignments/projects. Are you finding a subject too difficult to crack? Don’t have any idea about how to go around a first time legal assignment? Have no idea on how to proceed about with a nagging faculty’s demands? Confused about what is plagiarism an what is plagiarism freeHow to write a good article for personal growth?

Honestly speaking, the world after law school is rebelliously challenging. There is cutthroat competition and often there is no dearth of talent. In the words of Mr. Murali Neelakantan (Global Counsel – Cipla Ltd.) If you have a notion that you are special and different from the rest, trust me, YOU ARE NOT!  One is easily replaceable today. However, in order to become irreplaceable, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is ok for the situations to be out of control when in law school. You must learn to enjoy the chaos around you!

Law School is all about learning new skills… Remember the 3 ‘Ps’ for a successful legal career: Persuasion, Patience, and PerseveranceYou must understand the importance of time management in a lawyer and importance of patience and perseverance for a lawyer.

You must also understand the crucial importance of communication skills for a lawyer. You as a budding lawyer must inculcate critical analysis skills, which are absolutely a must-have for a lawyer. You must learn to think analytically. You should be able to apply the law that you have learnt in your law school. If you can’t apply the law, what’s the use of your law school learnings in the first place?

Paper presentations, article writings, legal writings, moot court preparations, case comments drafting, any other type of assignments that your law school wants you to do. We help and assist you in all!

Personal brand building: a must
We know that you have your own likings towards certain subjects and also you are not fond of some subjects. We strongly suggest you not to do your choosing from the beginning and not to limit yourself to your comfort subjects. We know there would be subjects you’re disinclined to study. That is exactly where we pitch in for you! With WOLR, you can delegate the subjects of your disliking to us and get reliable law assignment help.

-Yash Shah