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Importance of Guest Lecturers and Third Party Expertise in Law Schools

Law is dynamic. One of the most significant features of law is that one needs to have perspective and long-range vision i.e. Legal Academicians know the importance of imbibing such skills into their students. Therefore, if we look at elite institutions of law, there is great emphasis laid down on importance of expert lectures and visiting faculties.

In Ivy League Universities and top institutions around the world, for complicated subjects, they hold extensive course, where they hold lectures for 3 to 4 weekends and experts conduct their lectures. Assessment is done either by them, their assistants or in-house faculties. It is economical and efficient! It will not only take the university ahead in its ranking but will attract prospective students to your universities.

Why Guest lectures or Visiting Faculty? 

Every subject in law studies contains numerous aspects. That’s a reason why legal education industry is thriving. A guest lecturer or an expert on the subject brings a novel, never-before-heard-of preach which is always exciting and academically enriching.. Genuinely, it is a beneficial academic tool which must be used frequently. For example, in my third year, I was struggling with publications in my desired field.  Thereafter, an expert lecture was conducted by a visiting faculty of Cambridge university and that was a game-changer! The guest lecturer taught us nuances of research (from hypothesis to how to write effective conclusion) and gave us a unique perspective.

As it is always said, nothing can beat practical exposure and experience. The real-life experiences which that an expert brings helps students retain what is taught in schools. Practically speaking, guest lectures pave the way for students about their careers and they get clarity in regard to what career path they want to choose.

Other Benefits

Students, faculties and institutions should take expert lectures seriously. In my own experience, we invited a Senior Advocate specializing in taxation law and his lecture invited so many interesting questions that it inclined many students of my batch to pursue higher studies in tax law. There were also a few lucky students (including me) who bagged an esteemed internship with that expert lecturer. Further, my batch was lucky enough to study tax law under the aegis of Mr. Jigar Patel who we considered a master of tax laws.

Be that as it may, it also helps students to build networking down the road! Such association and collaborations with guest faculties help the institution in adding a feather in the cap and increases the credibility and lays a strong popularity of the institution. 


Inviting guest speakers is an amazing way to learn about a specific topic for the students in a unique way and open new doors for better career opportunities and growth prospects. Do you invite guest teachers to your college?  We at WOLR, have a team of guest lecturers and expert lecturers who can deliver on varied areas of law. Our expertise lies in ‘legal Research’ and holding seminars for students on myriad aspects of publications. Contact WOLR for more information! We specialize in legal research and we are also affiliated to many universities already!

-Yash Shah