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How to Approach & Write to Potential PhD Guide for Research Opportunities & Key Essential Pointers to Include in Your First Mail

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  • How to Approach & Write to Potential PhD Guide for Research Opportunities & Key Essential Pointers to Include in Your First Mail

Key Pointers are listed as below:

  • Always mention your academic and professional background
  • Start from the present academic and professional position
  • Include your research subject or title broad theme
  • If you a developed proposal mention it as concept note on the research and attach the concept note
  • Request for time availability and possibility to guide as per their professional commitment
  • Request for procedural information
  • Share your full address/contact details
  • Include any research paper or blog or an published work as your writing sample
  • Share how you got their contact details
  • Mention in words of appreciation how their work helped you or if you have read any of his article or heard him in conference or webinar or online lectures
  • Expressly thank them in anticipation and show your gratitude
  • Mention about your professional commitment to work on time, dedication, keen interest in the subject areas
  • Identify one or two core issues on the subject which relates or resonates with the concerned Professor’s work in your concept note or research subject
  • Ask for appointment well in advance and keep your concept note, writing sample or assignment or blog or publication as handy and also mail all these in advance

Good Luck !

A draft Template as following:
Dear Prof. …


It is my pleasure and kind privilege to write to you with keen interest to apply for PhD position under your faculty guidance or supervision,

I have collected you reference from your institute website or linked in ..profile , I am presently pursuing or have successfully completed my LLM from …university. During my LLM, my major subject comprised of …………out of these, _____ law is my areas of interest as I have undertaken research /dissertation or my assignment in this area. One of my writing sample from my assignment is attached here with for your perusal.

In view of above, I wish to share my previous and existing academic and professional background. About my academic background, I have done my LLM from and there upon LLM one year/ two year in at present , I am a resident of …but as of now I am located for studies or profession in ……..

Previously I had interned with ……..

In pursuit of my academic interest I had written and published some write-ups in blog/ print…

I wish to submit my kind request to undertaken PhD under your guidance on the proposed topic / subject of ……., this subject has been part of my academic curriculum and also this has gained contemporary development in the recent times. I am formulating the research problem and developing my research narrative as brief concept note for my research. I wish to mail it to you and I request you to consider and send your remarks and suggestions on the same so that I  can improvise. I would be more than thankful to you for your kind gesture.

I am familiar with your research and expertise in these subject as I have read through your profile on the internet. I have been following your publications as well.

I wish to assure you that I  am through professional with respect to my work and I respect and value timely commitments and keen interest to learn the new perspective and work on the areas as suggested.

I realize that you may have already research students under you hence I would also request you, if at this juncture or in near future either during the early next academic year if it may be possible for you to guide me for research. I would go through your institute’s website for all procedural formalities, however, if there are more specific procedural compliances to be followed at my ends, please suggest the same I would be gladly comply to the same.

For my research , I am writing to sponsors for funding or It will be a self funded research . As it is a preliminary research idea, I wish to state that this would be largely desk based review at present followed with date collection from field to include empirical inputs subsequently. The data or empirical research may extend to the regions of ……….. In order to further work out the modalities s, I request your response on this.

I wish to request you availability so that I can have telephonic or online communication with you.

It has been great to read and learn from your articles and research papers and online lectures.

At the outset, I resubmit my request for same and look forward to hearing from you.

Thanking You!
Yours Sincerely
full address
Alternate e email id

-Dr. Sonali Kusum