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Legal Research
April 30, 2019

Recipe for Making Effective Legal Briefs

Communication is one of the most important tools of a lawyer. Effective communication definitely gives...

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Current Affairs
April 20, 2019

Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities in Law Schools

Albert Einstein gave a very interesting definition of the word “genius”. He defined genius as...

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Section 377 of IPC
Current Affairs
April 10, 2019

Section 377 of IPC Partially Struck Down: What next?

In what can termed as a game-changer for the social construct of India, IPC the precedent, set...

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Current Affairs
March 30, 2019

From a Sakht Londa Perspective: Moot Court Research for Law Students

A father once said to his two quarrelling daughters, “Children, let’s settle this like adults.”...

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Current Affairs
March 20, 2019

Lapses of Legal Education in India: Need for Educational Reforms

Legal education in India is classified into two general types of law schools:   Traditional law...

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