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Welcome to the World of Legal Research! Consider us your expert associates in whatever activities your institution needs assistance. We assist your institution in any / all kinds of activities that your institution may want to conduct / organize. If you are an institution in its formative years, and aspire to reach the next level, we assist your institution in your aspirations. Do you want to conduct empirical research on particular subject? Do you want to see your students’ articles published in distinguished journals? Do you want a part-time faculty for a particular subject? Do you want to undertake a seminar / programme on a particularly less popular stream of law? Do you want to make your institution recognized in today’s cutthroat competitive educational market? We can assist you all of the above and more!  

In a institution, students come in large numbers to study and make their careers. They have great, big aspirations, which they hope their institutions caters to, and give them the wings to fly! The onus surely lies on the student on how better is he able to use the aforesaid facilities to his benefit. All the institutions invest a lot of financial and other resources in their overall development and we assist and collaborate with ones who are looking to fill in the loose ends that any institution may be going through.  

What we offer?  

Newly established colleges as well as full-fledged functioning universities/institutions can seek our services for betterment of their reputation in the academic market and also to empower your students with novel legal skills they require in their careers!  

  1. Legal research seminars:  
    We can’t lay enough emphasis about the importance of research skills in any student’s skillset. Infact, whenever any student interns with any lawyer / law firm / company, the first skill that is being put to test is his researching skills which in turn translates into the image that organization makes for that student’s institution. National Law Universities and other top institutions invest a great amount of resources behind developing their research base.  
  2. We help design your institution’s literature:  
    WOLR helps your institution in designing courses modules, handbooks, innovative and robust syllabus for any subject / course on hand. WOLR provides your institution with novel and fresh academic materials which can revolutionize the entire approach and students’ outlook towards a particular subject. Our approach provides an entirely fresh stance towards a subject and we ensure to install innovative, practical ideas into our academic materials.  
  3. WOLR fills in the shoes of a part-time / visiting faculty:  
    WOLR has a dedicated team of lawyers and legal academicians who can fill up the gaps in your institution and deploy qualified and competent legal personnel to your institution for providing coaching with regard to any legal subject.  We understand that teaching a highly specialized subject (sports law, health law, space law, international trade law, international merchant law etc.) may be challenging for a newly established university / institution. We understand the management’s plight and offer the aforementioned services.
  4. Drafting assistance in moot court problems, client counselling problems and more:
    WOLR specializes in drafting and creating moot court problems and other academic materials and adds layers of complexities depending upon the level of difficulty the institution desires. WOLR also provides customised client counselling prepositions. Secondly, organizing organising conferences, moot courts, and other extra-curricular activities helps in creating a university’s foot print in the global academic market and it’s ranking in the same. Moreover, publications of books / research projects in the name of any university’s faculty adds value in the name of university. We assist in preparing everything from doing the empirical research to providing plagiarism free content and proofreading the same. We do the aforesaid everything, by maintaining strict confidentiality and privacy of our clientele.

A holistic and dedicated team for your universities’ endeavours:- 

We provide facilities and quality assistance for undertaking publications from within your college/university/institution. We help you in researching, analysing, drafting, vetting your large scale projects and maintain utmost privacy and confidentiality. We assist you with any new project/initiative your institution may think of and if you are short of quality manpower we deploy a great mixed team of lawyers and legal academicians who can aid and assist in your institutions’ events by giving both; the practical and theoretical insights on a given subject. Our team constitutes a great mix since both; the academicians and the practicing lawyers complement one another and provide practical insights to the existing issues.

Events for newly established universities: 

Recently in the state of Rajasthan, a newly established law college wanted to conduct a seminar/workshop on right to health and the grave issue of female foeticide, WOLR assisted the university and successfully conducted the workshop. 

Student oriented services: 

We also offer tutorial classes wherein our team of legal academicians visit your university/institution for guest lectures, seminars or a quick-week crash course wherein they reconcile the entire subject and provide students with basic knowledge about the nitty-gritties of the subject on hand. We can customise our course depending upon the time-frame given by the university and the course module/structure can be modified and amended as per the requirements of the university. We offer the aforementioned services at minimalistic costs for serving the community in a cost-effective yet quality manner.  

We also conduct workshops for students and the universities’ academia on how they can make their writings publishable. How they can convert their simple writings into analytical critical/ comparative analyses and make their hard work published in reputed journals.  

Our approach is entirely practice based and scientific. We have designed well-structured modules to ensure optimum assimilation of knowledge by the audience. 

-Yash Shah
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