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Significance of Legal Research Writing

Legal Research,


As every other student, pursuing law for me was bunking classes, having fun with friends, attending culturals and what not. To be honest, prior to my 4th year, I was a vagabond who did not have a clear thought process about my future. Thanks to my seniors for the motivation and guiding me through the right path.  It was only in the 4th year of my Law School, I had stepped into the library which made me realize what I have been neglecting. Although, it is funny but it is the truth. It was a new start where it broke all the shackles that I had faced in my lifetime. My first research article was on Should Marijuana be legalized in India?” The spark to the matchstick commenced at that point of time. I was flabbergasted by seeing myself that whether it was me who started writing research articles and publishing it in a numerous of journals. To a person who had zero knowledge about writing skills, research etc., it was a life changing experience.  


Writing is not a strenuous task once you imbibe the basic knowledge about it. It solely depends on determination. The very nature of this skill is uniqueness. The foremost thing afore writing an article is, it must always be written based on the readers point of view.  Apart from the classroom lectures and Moot court activities, writing plays a pivotal role in one’s legal tenure. I commenced my legal research writing by being a content writer for a stipulated period of time. Being a content writer initially was amusing as I learnt the crux of how to start writing and my vocabulary kept on increasing day by day. The usage of ‘Thesaurus’ helped me in using appropriate words at the right point of time. One will not only improve their vocabulary by using thesaurus but it is also an added advantage while communicating. I mastered the essence of writing by continuous learning process and correcting myself by the feedback given by my peers. We have heard many saying, ‘When you avoid what you want to face in life, it becomes bigger than you and takes control over you. When you face what you want to face, you become bigger than it and take control over it’.  


All one needs is the push to start something. I have got it through my fellow classmates and seniors. There is no assurance that every person in the legal platform would get this opportunity like how I got. It is high time for the students who have undertaken their law course to start writing legal research articles. This would be of a great relief when they step into the professional world. Never have I ever came across a professor taking an initiative to encourage the students to write a research paper or research article. Most of the Universities exclusively focus on Moot Court activities and spurn the emphasis of research article. Equal importance must be given to both as it reinforces one’s analytical ability and it’s beneficial in litigation.  

It is very obvious that the students will face a lot of hurdles initially in writing an article. It is well-said that The Rome was not built in a day”.  The same principle can be applied here too. All that is needed is a good start and perseverance. At the beginning, it will be difficult and people will make a lot of mistakes which is in a way positive as we all learn from our mistakes. Don’t we?  That is how it has always been. Once you select a topic, you need to do an in-depth research and gather as much as information possible by reading and interpret a lot of articles from journals that has been written in the same or similar subject matter. By doing a detailed research, one would be able to comprehend the issues with respect to the subject matter and would come up with new ideas in and around the area dealt by them. I would suggest that those who have taken Law as a profession must explore each and every aspect and not confine to a few. Every person has the capability and capacity to accomplish anything. One needs to be open minded and not just accept what is in the platter, instead stretch a leg and grab every opportunity that they come across. 

-VS Krishna

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